December 19, 2009

Vijay Karnataka 16-12-09

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December 04, 2009

Promise fulfilled – Tumkur has attained Ciy Corporation status!

It was an year back on the occasion of KANNADA RAJYOTHSAVA, I had promised citizens of Tumkur city, that we will ensure Tumkur City attains the status of City Corporation by the next year.

Being the Urban development Minister and also the District Incharge of Tumkur, the task  was even more exciting!

Tumkur has attained the status of City Corporation.. 9th city of the state to attain the prized status.. Before handing over the prized tag, there were many pre-requisites to fulfill..
  1. The population should be more than three lacs
  2. Local body should have the income of more than six crores an year.
  3. More than 50% of the population, should be engaged in non agriculture employment activities
  4. Density of population, more than 3000/ sq km

It was an ordeal task for the officers to brace up things in the time schedule of a year, I had prescribed to them..

And ultimately, here is a gift to the citizens of Tumkur city.. a new year gift.. although handed over little early! Our government has fulfilled the promise made.

All the citizens including intellectuals, voluntary organisations, were yearning to see their city elevated . Those dreams have now come true!

Tumkur is a city, which is growing very fast. So fast, and due to its proximity with Bangalore, it would’nt  be much surprising if it attains the status of twin city to Bangalore in the near future.  

Now the challenge before us is to make the city of Tumkur an exceptional city Corporation and model for others to follow. Citizen friendly governance coupled with sustained development of infrastructure  should really make the goal achievable.

My regards go to everybody who was part of this distinguishing achievement!

S. Suresh Kumar


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December 02, 2009

ZEE KANNADA ON -21-11-09 AT 6.30 PM


Please watch me on ZEE KANNADA CHANNEL today at 6.30 PM in an interview with Malavika Avinash!

November 30, 2009


I have started my second leg of inspections and reviews of all the City Corporations of Karnataka. I have already completed Davanagere and Mangalore. Next week other Cities.
Review of CM's 100 crore package, inpections, interaction with peoples representatives, advocates of bar associations, Party activists, press briefings make my days during visits. Its been a hactic schedule.

On the friday last I was in town and had to attend more than a dozen meetings.                                The official assignments started at 9 AM when pooja was offered to start construction of economically weaker section houses. This marks the beginning of ambitious project, wherein I want to make my Constituency hut free.. First instance, we are constructing 163 houses at Indiranagar slum in Rajajinagar. After Pooja, hundreds of residents assembled in a nearby temple where myself along with slum board officials explained the details of the proposed Construction.

10.30- inaugurated a workshop on slum mapping in Karnataka. This workshop was organized by Municipal Administration department. There are around 2700 slums in Karnataka and we are for the first time in the history of the Country taking up a scientific survey of the economic and social details of each slum dweller. The survey which is supposed to get completed in a couple of months time will help us to come out with new programs to solve various kinds of problems housing sector...etc.,  The Urban development department is keeping its best foot forward.

11.30 - A visit to a place where more than 500 enthusiastic children were painting on a 500 mtr long canvass to showcase their feelings on the 1st anniversary of Mumbai attack. It was an enriching experience to see the students coming up with those bright, fresh ideas.

12.00- Went to Chief Minister’s house for an urgent interaction.

12.30- A  deliberation with Principal secretary for Education, Commissioner for Public Instruction.

1.30PM - Back home for a quick lunch.

2.00 PM-  My ambitious desire to establish e library in all the courts of Karnataka.. I deliberated with     E-governance secretary and Law secretary and instructed them to come up with a concrete plan.

2.30- It was a meeting with forest department officers about the harassment faced by few villages in Chikmagalur district.

3.00 PM- Meeting to discuss the issues relating to Tumkur University.

3.30- Major meeting of the day- Minority welfare minister, Mr Mumtaz Ali Khan, Davanagere MLA Mr Shamanoor Shivashnakarappa, Officers from labour department, pollution control board and minority welfare department were present along with puffed rice manufacturers of Davanagere to find a solution to end pollution problems and curbing employment of children in that city’s puffed rice kilns.

5.00 PM- “Yavanika” on Nrupatunga road where law day was observed by Adhivaktha Parishat.

7.00 PM- Attended an event organised by TV9 to commemorate 26/11. Lighting candles meant a lot as it could evoke a lot of feelings in me.

7.15- Rushed to KSCA to felicitate Sri Basanth kumar Patil, film producer. His film has bagged the national award for producing ‘Gulabi Talkies’ Director Girsih Kasaravalli was also with me.

8.00 PM- Reached Suvarna News studio. Was part of a Panel discussion  along with Police Commssioner Mr Shankar Bidari about the state of our preparedness against 26/11 like incidents.

9.30- Back home, exhausted. It was more than twelve assignments which left me more than contented..


November 24, 2009


It was an awareness rally. An effort to make people know the 'value' of water.. How important is rain water harvesting is for our future.. The rally was kicked off at 8.30 in the morning at Rajajinagar Service station of BWSSB.. We went walking for almost two hours covering more than 5 kms through out the Constituency along with hundreds of school childern and fellow citizens. Many onlookers also joined our rally.. It finally concluded at Rajkumar Kalakshetra where every one of us took oath to conserve rain water and save for the future


I thank every one of those assembled, the school principals who sent their students to be a part of the rally, special thanks all those students who made the day!


November 20, 2009

VIJAYAKARNATAKA dated 18-11-09

Please read this article.


VIJAYAKARNATAKA dated 16-11-09

I understand it was a long pause. Between, there were many moments when I strongly desired I should pen something here.

Excuses for my un intended absence. Please see few of the news reports those have appeared in the media for some time now. I wish you respond to these.


Sureshkumar S

June 19, 2009

ಆಲದ ಮರದ ಅನಾವರಣ

This was a day of keeping up the promise, a day of rejoicing in the accomplishment of restoring the life of a charming garden!

The Big banyan tree at Basaveswaranagar has made way to its kin!

You must have read in my musings of 15th instant of May, how disturbed I was and so also the people of the place when all of us saw the Big Banyan tree at Basaveshwaranagar Monkey Park laying down its life. The sentiments attached to this tree were beyond the words to express.

I went pensive, as to how fast and how effectively I should function to soothe the ailing hearts of the people of the locality who were all missing the tree’s presence. Although nothing can replace the legacy of the tree, all that I could do was to plant a banyan tree in the same place which could definitely bring some kind of merriment on the peoples’ faces.

My search for a tree ended when we found a sapling of around 15 ft height with a circumference of around 2 ½ ft near BHEL Circle on Mysore road. This tree was about to be axed for the Metro rail work!

The preceding one was a day of 24 hours and beyond for the forest officers and my party workers who were successful in removing the remaining of the old tree and transporting the sapling (!) right from Mysore road to the place.

Flower lit, the atmosphere resembled a grand ceremony. Every one’s mood was festive! I could see the excitement in the eyes of those people of the area who were gathered to see the re-birth of their old friend! It was a grand birthday party in its literal sense! Sweets distributed, Reverences uttered, prayers held.

Finally when the sapling got its place on the soil, the moment and the feeling was as comforting and ecstatic as for a mother giving birth to her progeny.

My gratitude to everybody who had made the day memorable!

- S.Sureshkumar

June 13, 2009

Finance Ministers’ meet- Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi- 11th June 09

It was an opportunity for me to be present in the Finance Ministers’ meet convened by the Union Finance Minister, Mr.Pranab Mukherjee. My CM had directed me to represent and convey the views of the State in that Pre budget meet. It was an excellent gesture on the part of Mr Pranab Mukherjee, who is a veteran in the administrative matters. At one point of time, he was heading a group of 55 ministers! Few CMs Mr.Ashok Gehlot of Rajasthan, Tarun Gogoi of Assam, Premkumar Dhawal from Himachal Pradesh, and the Deputy CM of Bihar, Mr. Susheel Modi who all hold the finance portfolios of their respective states made their presence. Mr Pranab Mukherjee is always known for his no-nonsense approach.

The deliberations went on for seven quality hours with absolute seriousness. Everyone was allowed to express his views. Vigyan bhavan, the venue was vibrating with the positive views and concern for the Country’s economic future. For a change, politics and the political speeches were conspicuous by their absence.

It was a collective resolve to take the Country out of the present day crisis. Confidence was evident, that nation will surely emerge victorious out of this mess with the collective thinking and effort.

It was nice to watch Mr.Asim Das Guptha, the finance Minister of West Bengal and also the Chairman of the Empowerment Committee who dwelt on the issue at length. Nationalistic sentiment was evident in the meet when the saner voices from the smaller states like Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur and all other states were heard with apt attention and total acceptance.

Personal front, it was a meeting which enriched my knowledge and gave me a glimpse of the situation in various states. Karnataka’s views on the future of the garment industry, the need to improve infrastructure in smaller towns and cities to nurture industries and hence create more jobs, offering job oriented training to the rural youth etc., and many other issues were taken note of by those who were present.

It’s my sincere belief, that such deliberations will go a long way in shaping up the future of the nation.

May 30, 2009

First year anniversary!

It was this day, a year back, when the first full fledged BJP government took the reigns in Karnataka and proved a gateway for BJP in South India. An unprecedented gathering of BJP Karyakarthas, well wishers, supporters thronged the venue. It was an ocean of those enthusiastic faces with the tears of delight and fulfillment in their eyes. When I took oath in the presence of this sea of humanity, I could clearly make out the entirety of responsibility put on my shoulders.

It has been a year of learning, a year of knowing the problems, a year of understanding the bureaucracy, and a year of sincere efforts to find solutions.

An eventful year this has been, where my colleagues in the Party, my friends, more especially my family and my officers stood with me to make my endeavor joyful and contented! I feel happy for having been successful in not letting the intoxication of power reach my head!

This day of anniversary, I rededicate myself to march forward on the path of serving the people and the State through the responsibilities assigned to me!

-S Sureshkumar

Two wheeler drive!

It’s been a little while, since Parliamentary elections are over. I moved around different wards in my Constituency in the early hours of this morning. It was at Rajajinagar 4th block, we all assembled together and kick started our drive on two wheelers. I met citizens at hotels, bus stops and many other public places. A pleasant surprise was evident on their faces with the kind of reception I got from them.. They were wondered at the sight of seeing a minister on two wheelers, although I myself am unfazed by the diplomacy of power. I want to remain so, anytime.

It was a 4 hour sagacious journey through my area. I inspected the ongoing works, spoke to the residents, sought their opinions, and heard their grievances.

This live contact indeed acts as a tonic and energizes any public representative. The general image of a political leader is of a person who visits the area and meets the voters once in every five years.. i.e. the election time. We the politicians need to work overtime to break the image “built” over years and disprove the theory that “a politician shakes your hands before elections and shakes your confidence after elections!”

My friends ie., my fellow workers in the Party who accompanied me in this two wheeler drive were immensely happy with my company and wants me to make it a fortnightly affair! In fact, it’s always my deep rooted desire to come back to you time and again!

- S.Sureshkumar

Season of School admissions!

This is once again school admission time! Admissions to schools (Be it LKG/ 8th standard/ PUC etc.,) has become an ordeal for the parents as every year routine. Even, those students who have succeeded in getting distinctions find it very difficult to get the admissions in the Institutions of their choice. This is a time for a politician to earn the wrath of harrowing parents, and derisiveness from the Educational Institutions. Hundreds of parents with their eager looking wards approach the politician seeking recommendations and they feel, it is his responsibility to get their wards the admission. It’s a difficult time for the Institutions to oblige the various pressure centers, viz., the politicians, local leaders, local police, higher ups of the Educational Institutions and other bureaucrats. At the same time, they have to ensure quality education. My sympathies with them!

Infact, it is the season of resentment for us, who are in politics.

-S Sureshkumar.

May 25, 2009

Here is the article published in Kannada Prabha daily dated 22-05-09. Such opinions, do make me feel energised and set me going.
- S.Sureshkumar

May 19, 2009


My article has been published in today's Vijaykarnataka daily (19-05-09).

I am keen to learn your views on this. Will you post your comments about this article?



In Bangalore, BJP won all the three Parliamentary segments. Bangalore South has been sending non congress MPs right since 1977, with 1989, an exception, when Sri. Gundu rao got elected. In 1977, Justice K S Hegde was elected on Janatha Party ticket and he later on occupied the speaker’s chair in the Lok sabha. In 1980, it was the veteran Bangalore leader Sri. T R Shamanna who was elected by the voters. In 1984, elections held after the assassination of Smt. Indira Gandhi, it was the turn of Sri.V S Krishna Iyer, the then Minister and former mayor to become MP from this constituency. In 1989, as earlier mentioned, it was former CM Gundu Rao. In 1991, BJP opened its account and its candidate Prof. Venkatagiri Gowda, the renowned economist was got elected. From 1996, i.e, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2004 and now 2009, Sri.Ananthakumar’s unabated run continues.

Delimitation of Constituencies has carved out 3 Parliamentary segments in Bangalore. Voters of Bangalore have totally reassured their faith in BJP and its candidates this time. BJP has won 19 of the 28 seats in Karnataka, a morale boosting victory!

Our CM, Sri. BS Yeddyurappa’s Government has got a fresh approval now. Obviously, all of our Party workers are elated. But this happiness has a tinge of sadness as NDA’s performance at the Centre was far below the expectation of all of us.

I am personally more dejected because, our dream to see Sri. LK Advani as the Prime minister of our Country did not realize.

It was on the 14th Nov 1975, I first came in to contact with Sri.LK Advani ji, when we were co-detenues in Bangalore central jail courtesy, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Even before that meet, I had seen and heard about him. But that meeting inside the jail barracks him as a role model for me. His language, his composure, thoughtful words, unconditional patriotism and versatile knowledge, attracted me. I had many interactions during those 15 months at the Central jail, Bangalore. Later on, in 1977, he became the Information and Broadcasting minister at the Centre.

In 1984, in the elections held in the aftermath of Mrs.Gandhi’s assassination, BJP could get only two seats in the entire country. That was a very big blow to the Party. From those two seats, BJP transformed itself as a ruling Party in 1998 and the real architect of this victory march was undoubtedly Sri. LK Advani. His single minded pursuit made BJP to take the power into its hands.

I personally wished that Sri. Advani should have become the PM in this election as he rightly deserved. The Country should have made use of experience, knowledge and grit. Anyone who has read Sri. LK Advani ji’s autobiography, “My Country My people” will definitely understand my feelings.

Alas! We have to bow before our peoples’ mandate with distress in our hearts!


May 15, 2009

Legacy of the BIG BANYAN TREE!

Kamakshipalya is a ward in my Constituency. There is a park in this area popularly known as “Aaladamara Park” where in a huge Banyan tree has had given its shade and shelter for thousands of folks for more than 300 years!

Early hours of the day were shocking for me as I had to hear, the huge tree is ‘no more’! It had breathed its last. It was around 7.15 in the morning, when I reached the place, and the sight was one of the most tragic ones. The legend, which was a mute witness to many of our generations, had touched the ground like a fallen hero. The Tree was a permanent dwelling for thousands of birds and it had assured its concern to each one of them who took shelter in it. It was like an unconditional love, as a mother offers to her child! No bargains and no suspicions.

And just calculate the number of millions of tons of oxygen it must have released, all along.

My memories went back to my childhood days (35-40 years back), when we used to walk from our places to reach this huge tree and play around it. It used to be a picnic spot for us.

Look at the time of its fall! It was midnight when many of the near by residents had to suddenly wake up after the deafening sound, probably its last breath! There was no one under it. Imagine, if it had fallen down during the day time. It selected its time, late night so as to ensure nobody is harmed and everybody is safe!

This is what I would like terming, “a complete living”, a life lived for others sans any expectations!

Hundreds of park users joined me to observe silence for a couple of minutes as a mark of respect to our close relative! Many of the senior citizens (esp. women) couldn’t control their tears looking at the sad demise. I was left speechless for a long time. Such was the emotional attachment; this tree has had in our lives.

All of us who had gathered there, resolved to plant few saplings in the same place, so we can expect our future generations to enjoy the affluence of warmth the trees offer.

It was a feeling of heavy hearts when I started my drive, back to the daily routine!

- S.Suresh kumar

May 14, 2009

Current affair!

Mulayam Singh Yadav has said his Party will support those who will dismiss Mayavathi’s Government. This is passé!

Now, there is one more similar incident. Former CM of our own state, Mr Kumaraswamy is saying, he will leave no stone unturned to dismiss the BJP Government led by Sri. Yediyurappa.

You can never make out the source of your inspirations!

Mr Kumaraswamy tells he wouldn’t mind shaking hands with any Party/ person to achieve his FEAT! He is the ‘former’ CM and so is his father, a former (err, farmer!) PM! Either of them doesn’t like to be farmers or formers! Idle man’s mind is devil’s workshop.

Politics stooping so low, how we can expect our Country to march forward? I am deeply pained at this! Development and welfare should not become casualties because of such relentless machinations by those who cannot be without power.

Dog bite!

I had to rush to Shivanagar in the morning hours! Few of the dailies had carried reports that a stray dog had bitten three children in Mahaganapathi nagar area of my constituency. I rushed to the victims’ places.. It was an agonizing meet! The hapless children were attacked by the erratic dog, which was nurtured by a family of the same area earlier. It had bitten those infants terribly. The bruises those children carried, were painful for anybody’s sight. Incidentally the dog had run away from the place of sight.

It left me restless when I spoke to the ‘owner’ of that dog! I couldn’t control my outburst, with the haughty and insensitive response of that guy. I instructed the officials of the health department who were present with me, to take care of those children with utmost care, to own the complete responsibility of tracing that dog and I warned them of dire consequences if any more untoward incidents occur. Later, the dog was found dead near the Soap factory and was found to have carried the deadly rabies virus with it.

Pray, what would be the apprehensions of the parents of those children who would have learnt, the dead dog had carried the rabies virus? I spoke to the Commissioner, BBMP to get an assurance that necessary injections, each costing Rs. 8000 are being administered to the children and those children are being taken care of with utmost attention.

My concern doesn’t end here...

We see our friends who love animals more than children! They knock the doors of courts once they come across incidents of stray and insane animals being punished. They demand dogs can’t be ill-treated even if they ill-treat us. There are few judicial pronouncements to implement family planning system for the stray dogs and later on they be allowed to wander in the streets of their earlier existence! The City Corporation has to implement the order.

Will these dog lovers intervene when they find instances of their pets and their dearest stray dogs attacking the people at their mercy? Will they own the responsibility, if the rabies virus is spread to these hapless children? Will they share the concerns of the parents?

I truly understand the views of the animal lovers that dogs or whichever animals should not be ill treated... At the same time, should we also not be concerned against the ill effects of this exaggerated attention about the stray dogs? Don’t we have the right to act ‘rightly’ on such occasions?

May 12, 2009

An instance of channelising energy!

This news report of 7th June in Mint, Bangalore is what I wanted to share with you now for its distinctness!

Amazing as it sounds, a group of beggars have setup a school in West Delhi for the benefit of their fellowmen. The ‘leaders’ have a desire to keep their friends updated and braced up for the ensuing International sporting events! If you are mulling over, if the beggar community has gained a place in the sporting events, your inferences are true although in a contradictory perspective..!

These ‘leaders’ want their pan handling market become more lucrative if they accustom to foreign languages, which would help their community to “DEMAND” and interact with the foreigners visiting the sporting events. Look at their persistence! Beggars beg to be different!

We all are familiar with this age old cliché- “Beggars can’t be choosers” This has been contradicted and the tramps have become choosers here. Would you mind reading this report? See the snapshot of it below.

The absurdity of the ‘beggar hood’ is a known and agreed fact. No issues on that.

I fully second the views of this News that many of our rehabilitation programmes must be channelized to improve their efficacy. But I would also like to move a little forward and dare to think, that inspiration should be drawn from such instances at to how the collective energy of the nation can be channelized to make us more stronger and more successful!

Any one of you has got ideas..?!


May 06, 2009

Satisfying one!

Yesterday, again was a day of moving hearts for me.

DNA daily had carried a news on 3-5-09 about the plight of a gifted intellectual child, Bhargavi struggling to continue her education thanks to the menace of poverty. Her father who is an auto driver struggles to earn as little as Rs. 4000, a month will have to take care of a family of four. This child has fought poverty to score 97.74 % marks in her SSLC exams and was on the verge of discontinuing her studies till a report by Ms Rashmi of DNA moved many hearts including mine. Her parents along with Bhargavi and the reporter Ms Rashmi visited my House yesterday on my request. I could see the glitter in the eyes of the child when she was confidently describing, she wanted to pursue research as her career. It was her dream to learn in MES college. I promised to extend her all my support in making her dream a reality. Looking at her conviction, my determination to help her has bolstered by a notch. I am at it!

This is one of many such incidents how media can influence the society positively!

My sincere admirations go with all those fellowmen who have come forward to help this child!

When they were leaving my office, a quote by the great Henry David Thoreau drifted through my mind - "This life is not for complaint, but for satisfaction" . Indeed, my day was made !

- S.Sureshkumar

May 05, 2009

My Visit to Tumkur on 4th may

Now that the dust of election euphoria has settled down, I am back to my routine.

Each of my colleagues has been assigned a district to look after. I am the Incharge Minister for Tumkur district. I paid a visit to Sira and Madhugiri taluks of the district today. This may 1st was not a good day for many of the villages here. Huge rain coupled with hailstorm ravaged the tiny hamlets. Plight of the farmers making a living here has become really miserable since then. Hundreds of acres of paddy has been destroyed, so many aricanut trees, coconut trees, plantain plants tumbled down thanks to the thunderous hailstorm. The dreaded day has pushed the poor farmer to a brink. I could literally feel the agony and the ain of each farmer when I spoke to many of them. It was depressing!

It left me pensive. We have seen, a doctor always wanting his child to become a doctor himself, advocate necessarily wishing his ward to become another advocate, may be an industrialist also hopes to see his son as an industrialist. All want their legacies to be carried forward. But can we see any farmer wishing his son to become a farmer again? Mostly No! That is the tragedy of our times. There is no security for a farmer; price fixation for the agriculture produce is in no way to his advantage. The agriculture domain is increasingly becoming a non productive one. This is not an advantageous situation in the interest of the Country.

In the past, many attempts have been made to strengthen the FARMER. We solely fail to understand “band aid can’t cure a tumor!”. False hopes!

Some where I remember to have read, we are eating what we are not producing and we are producing what we cannot eat. If agricultural sector meets a dead end, any amount of money cannot fill our stomach.

The agonized face of the farmer really made me to question our societal priorities. Before it is too late we have to think and act to save this priceless sector and instill confidence in our farmer in the real sense. You have any suggestions?

There are many friends of sons’ of soil who should also seriously ponder over!

- S.Sureshkumar

May 03, 2009

2nd May 2009

Are the new standards of rules, regulations and restrictions, being enforced by the Election Commission, resulting in more outflow of money by the political parties in the elections? As a result of seizure of many avenues for the parties and the contestants to reach the voters, has money become the only way to reach them, reach them effectively? This was the question posed to me by Mr. Arun, who is a senior reporter with Indian Express.

It was thought provoking. I discussed this with many of my colleagues having vast experience in facing the elections, a senior JDS leader, and an officer having many years of involvement to his credit in handling elections. The following answers that I got from them are still keeping me intrigued.

o No. There is no such relationship. Even if the campaigning process had been as modest as earlier, penny power would have impacted the same way as it is now. Reason is obvious. Persons with more money power are only able to enter into the politics and make a mark these days.
o Such people, who believe money is just most everything, would not have the faith in the customary campaigning process. No faith in the prowess of Party workers.
o They believe, money has all the power to reach the key voters, the powerful leaders of the respective areas and so on.
o When there is nothing to boast about the candidate’s achievements, there is no other medium which can influence voters. Money alone is the grand avenue!

This new found way is surely a snag for sustenance of our healthy democratic fabric.

What will you say?

-S. Suresh kumar

30th April 2009

Dated 30-04-09

Todays dailies shocked me in its literal sense!

Its my routine to start off the day with reading the news papers at as early as 5.45 in the early mornings. Like any other day, I was sifting through the news papers. It was then; this report stuck to my eyes and kept me literally baffled, frustrated and disgruntled.

There was a report, that the repairs, renovation and refurbishing of my Official residence has cost state exchequer by a whopping 16.20 lakhs.

I have always believed that Government’s money is peoples’ money. We the politicians should always be conscious about this. This “award” of early morning deeply hurt me and was sufficient to keep astonished for rest of the whole day!

Memories are still afresh. We bought our house in Sriramapuram during 1993, for a mere 5 lakhs. Where is the connection? Now the repair cost of this building has cost “peoples’ money” by 16.20 lakhs.

Now the report has gone public. I had to clarify my stand. I discussed these things with my officials and asked them to write a letter requesting the Chief Secretary to order an enquiry about how the purchase process is done at the Government level. The letter was ready by 12.30 PM and was sent to reach the Chief Secretary. Media houses were also dispatched with the copies of the letter. My intent here was:

o To prove that I am not a “thick skinned” politician as all the politicians are perceived to be by the people.

o To distance myself from this profit making government contracts.

o To expose the racket of nexus between the Engineers and the contractors.

I heard that, Chief Secretary has ordered to hold an enquiry. Should see where this goes!

Will you support me here?

-S. Suresh kumar