December 29, 2010



'WE MUST HAVE NO PRICE; EVERYONE MUST KNOW THAT WE HAVE NO PRICE'- so goes the title of one of Arun Shourie’s classics.  What a message in this era of scams and lobbying! Shourie means that we shouldn’t become purchasable Commodities. Once the persons at the key positions become purchasable with definite price, society witnesses negative happenings and the larger faith dwindles to oblivion.
NOW voters of around 23 villages in Koppal District seem to have emulated Shourie’s point.  'Neither am I on sale, nor is my vote' is the stern message from these villagers to those politicians who want to purchase them. Today's Times of India at page 7 has given this energizing story. Is that not a healthy transition to the regular disgusting stories of electoral illegalities? Wish this becomes contagious. Hats off to those villagers who have shown us the light & Times of India too for its coverage which has made us cognizant of this welcome change.


December 22, 2010



The sacrifice that our Army Jawans make for our safety is an issue which doesn’t find the attention it really deserves. There are oasis like associations with nation-first sentiments who do their bit to pay back the debt we owe to our Jawans. “Flags of Honor” is one such Organisation in Bangalore which is doing a commendable job to instill the faith amongst Jawans - which “we” too are with them.  My admirable experience of this year’s Vijay Divas celebrations finds a mention in today’s write up in Vijay Karnataka. Pls do read it. Let’s remember and salute to those who protect us!


December 11, 2010


Here is an instance for a broad cheer on our faces. Times of India today, has come up with a list of top seven constituencies of Bangalore. This survey tackles various civic parameters such as water, sanitation, public amenities, environment, crime and so forth. 

I am so humble in letting you know this sweet news. Rajajinagar constituency in Bangalore which I represent stands tall at number ONE in this survey. I would misinterpret a little if I just say I am contented of our achievements. I am happy of course, more so because, our larger mission for a people friendly governance is on the right track. 

Three years down the line, we have ensured progressive and sustainable development by identifying key problem areas people face. Success of Janaspandana programs clearly reflected the people’s woes and gave us a room to brace up. Officers were routinely asked to follow up the problems; there were regular review meetings, routine follow ups which ensured all round development. 

It’s refreshing to know that development politics is being recognized and acknowledged by the people and the media too. First it was the overwhelming success at the elections that have happened during the last three years, MP elections and later the Corporation elections. Now the Times of India’s survey reinstates our faith. 

Rajajinagar residents have re-ensured their support to the development. I am humble before them. I thank Times of India too for their extensive society oriented initiatives. 

- S.Sureshkumar


My friend who is a senior journalist of a national English Daily has really made my day. He was recipient of Rajyothsava Award this year. He was very reluctant to accept as it is his belief that a journalist should be free of any type of strings. The award carried cash component of Rs 1 lakh. He promptly handed over the money to his management, seeking to institute an award for budding reporters out of it. His employers accepted the suggestion, but promptly refused to accept the money as it rightly belonged to him only. My friend only got disturbed to hold the riches, he never thought was his. After much pondering he thought of donating it to some institution with dire need of money. He set off to his native and donated the entire money to a kannada school there. AND what is more interesting & pressing is he is yet to pay few more installments towards his housing loan. This strange person in the present day milieu is Mr Arun. Is this not a case which redeems our faith? Thanks a ton Mr Arun. Aruna means SUN. He has shone and yes, he has shown us the light too in these dulling moments of mistrust.

While I pondered over Arun’s impressive temperament, one more news about a person whom the whole nation adores and idolize captivated me again. Sachin, the highest run getter in tests and one days has politely refused a Rs 20 crore offer to endorse a top liquor brand. They say, Character builds your strength. But these kinds of people have their strength built on character.
They never cease to amaze me!


December 10, 2010


Today I participated in a function to commemorate the conferrment of Nobel Prize on His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Yes, 21 years ago on this day, Nobel Prize committee honoured itself when it conferred the prize on His Holiness.
There were about 120-150 Tibetans in that function. Most of them were youth, many of them were students studying in different elite colleges. BUT, the total Tibetan atmosphere in that premises just memsmerised me. The warm welcome, the Chief representative’s speech, cultural events, their attire, the warmth of the tea served- all took me to a different world. I felt, I was in Tibet itself!
Yes, the Tibetan brethren who were hounded for their survival, half a century ago, have neither forgotten nor allowed to go away their cherished culture. They were forced refugees. Yet, they have carried forward their culture, nurtured it, imparted to their younger generations and never lost their identity. AND most important, they have never behaved as a separate nation in the Country they have settled and blended well with it.
I was reminded of the first batch of Parsis, who landed in India few centuries ago in search of their livelihood. Their leader had promised the then King of the Territory, that they will be like sugar in the milk, so blended, so part of it, that they will only enhance the taste of it. Tibetans have lived like the same way in India. And they have only enriched us.

It was enriching day for me. 


December 08, 2010


Those were the good old times when there was still a pleasant and healthy relationship between the voters and their representative. Times appear to have changed thanks to the ever transforming desires. Bihar has shown a metamorphosis this time. It appears as a glittering spark. I have recollected few instances of mutual trust of yesterdays. Everyone wishes those days of mutual responsibility are back again. Pls read my new write up.