August 31, 2011


I was party to an unusual event in Judges Colony of Hebbal today. It was an official function on a holiday filled with reverberence of tradition.
We (The Government) are constructing 15 houses for High Court Judges in the locality. The work has been at a fast pace for the past couple of months and today, a formal handing over of a fully built house to the Judiciary happened.
We all know that our Society is bound by many practices which are believed to bring about divine orientation on our everyday lives. This event of house warming was not an exception too. Mantras were chanted and puja was performed.
After the puja, we all were taken to the kitchen portion of the new house. Guess who were all present in the kitchen! Justice Justice R L Dattu – Hon’ble Judge of the Supreme Court, Justice Kehar- Hon’ble Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court, Sri DV Sadananda Gowda-our Hon’ble CM, Sri CM Udasi-PWD Minister, Sri SV Ranganath-our Chief Secretary and many Judges of the High Court and other courts. We were all standing silently in the new kitchen  witnessing an event which forced us to wait till its fruition.
It was a ritual where a utensil filled with milk was placed over a stove. The milk has to boil over, which is believed to bring in a sort of prosperity for the occupant of the house. No prizes for guessing! Every one of us was waiting for that moment of spilling over of the boiled milk. (Pls see the pic beside). For a full four to five minutes, all of us were just standing in anticipation. While the milk boiled, it was my turn to jovially ask  'if there can be any interim direction by the Hon’ble Court to expedite the process?!' Others who were present enjoyed my question!
It’s again one of those amusing moments, the public life offers to people like us!


August 30, 2011



When the Citizen’s movement against corruption is gaining ground like never before, it is high time for everyone to think and act about root cause of this social and inhuman menace. Fight against corruption should become a passion rather just remain as a fashion..! Please read my views about this in today’s Kannada Prabha.