January 31, 2011


This Sunday, the Jan 30th was an eventful day for me, worth sharing with you.

First one of the day, was a fortune to meet the Nobel Laureate His Holiness, the Dalailama, the Great Tibetan Spiritual-Religious Leader. Over half an hour’s interaction it was, the room we were seated was brightened by the avid persona of His Holiness. His smile was infectious and so was his communication. The Great Personality never exhibited any airs and his was a child like conduct. And it occurred to me as if was speaking to an elder member of my own family.

The way His Holiness treated a four year old kid (Arnav), son of a passport Officer whose family was also around in the same room was just a great sight. Incidentally, the boy shared his birthday with the Dalai Lama. His Holiness made the boy to sit near him, cuddled him up and said “I will never allow you to go away”. The little child and his parents were beaming with happiness with the blessings they got.

I was curious when I asked him, how has it become possible for him to maintain the spirit of Tibetan movement even after sixty years of exile. The answer he gave was an absolute revelation for me. “We believe in truth”- said he and recollected an incident of Sixties. The then Indian Home Minister late YB Chavan while sharing his experience of Freedom movement had said to him, “we never knew if freedom will come at all. If it has to come we didn’t know when. Yet we never lost faith in the movement.” These words of Chavan had become a guiding philosophy said His Holiness. The attitude of Chinese administration too might have strengthened the Tibetan resolve to keep the movement alive. Even the younger generation, which had not seen Tibet, today dream to visit the place if they get a chance. I was fascinated by his humility.

He also explained the passion of the Youngsters who, in spite of modern education have maintained their emotional, religious chords intact. They steadfastly adhere to the Tibetan Cultural habits.

His Holiness recollected his association with our State’s former Chief Minister Late Nijalingappa. He went nostalgic of an incident with him that happened in 1956.  
When I came out of that ambient interaction and the benign caress of His Holiness, I was engulfed with a sense of pleasure hard to define. All I can say, it was a real contentment.

The second fortune came in the evening. Jan 30th is incidentally observed as Martyr’s day in memory of martyrdom of Mahatma Gandhiji. Mahatma was assassinated on this day 63 years ago by Nathuram Godse.   I attended an event with a difference held at a unique place. 

Many of you might remember my letter to Mrs Jyothsna Suri, the Chief of Hotel Lalit Ashok requesting her to instruct the concerned officers at Hotel Lalit Ashok to do away with serving of liquor near Jyothi Vriks, the monumental tree under which Mahatma used to conduct evening prayers during his visit to Bangalore in 1927 (June to August). I was assured that my sentiments will be taken care of and thanks to her proactive pleasant response; this year’s martyrs’ day was observed under the same tree in the premises of Lalit Ashok. I was approached by her Officers last week with an invite for the event. 

When I went there yesterday, the 5-Star Hotel was abuzz with Bhajans reminiscent of those that were held when Mahatma was around. Yes, Bhajans in a star hotel might look incongruous or strange. But it happened. With hundreds of students from Sevadal School being there to magnify the memories, it was an event which went on to etch a lasting place in my heart. Flowers were offered to the statue as a tribute to Mahatma.

One little effort of an email to Mrs Jyothsna Suri yielded this result of remembrance of Mahatma at his own place of visit, a true tribute to the Mahatma I believe.

I am yet to come out of the nostalgia this Sunday has offered me.


January 30, 2011


The write up appeared in KANNADA PRABHA daily on 30-01-2011. This article is written by well known writer Sri Sathyanarayana. Let the enjoyment of reading be yours.


January 27, 2011


I was in Chikmagalore yesterday on the occasion of Republic day. After the National flag Hoisting function, there was a customary Press Conference. Friends from the media were eager to get my reaction/response/views about the Governor- Government imbroglio, post sanction scenario etc., But I decidedly excused myself from making any political statement “on this particular day”. 

My belief is that at least on occasions like Independence day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanthi and other days of national significance, we should suspend declaring political statements which seems to be the stuff on any other day. These days must surely be utilized to discuss larger and the serious issues. I am happy to say that my Journalist friends agreed and endorsed my views.

I seriously ponder “why the Republic Day remains just a Government Function? Why common man does not participate? Why the occasion has failed to become the Society’s celebration? Why only School children, NCC/Sevadal/Scouts-guides/police.. are only the mandatory participants? And why the ‘public’ is nowhere in Re’public’ day function?!

In the stadium where the flag hoisting function was held, citizen was conspicuous by his/ her absence. One should perceive Republic day as the one which gave you the Freedom (of speech, expression) and Fundamental Right (Yes including the duties) to Indians (Citizens) through Constitution, where as Independence day was the day that gave Freedom to India. But, generally Republic Day goes unobserved by the public and it will be an extra Holiday (paid Holiday for those in organized employment) For a Country to become vibrant, these occasions should be used to recharge the national resolve for a confident tomorrow, in spite of happenings and lacunae in the system which makes us cynical.


January 26, 2011

New write up in Vijay Karnataka

My new article appears in Vijay Karnataka.

Let the happiness of reading be yours.


January 25, 2011


History is repeating… My Party will be observing its 60th birth anniversary this year. It was on the 21st of October 1951, Bharathiya Janasangh was born. First President of our Party was Dr Shyam Prasad Mukherjee, who had the credit of becoming the Vice Chancellor of prestigious Calcutta University at an age as young as 33.
Thanks to Rahul Gandhi’s great Grandfather’s act, Kashmir is still being haunted by the same issues for decades. Incidentally, the appeasing policies of Nehruvian Politics, detrimental to Indian Integrity made our Founding President walk out in protest from the First cabinet after Independence.
Many of you must know, the immediate days after Independence, the Chief Minister of Kashmir was called as Pradhan Manthri of Kashmir. Dark days as they were, one had to seek permit (Yes, Permit Raj of a different genre) to enter into Kashmir although it was an integral part of our Country. Under the able leadership of Dr Mukherjee, Jan Sangh took the revolt to the people. In fact, Dr Mukherjee raised a great slogan “Ek Desh mein Do Pradhan, Do Nishan, Do Vidhan Nahi Chalegi... Nahi Chalegi” and started a Kashmiri movement. Our seniors, even now recollect the great moments of his energizing address to a well – attended public during his visit to Bangalore during those days.
Dr Mukherjee, was a man of impeccable integrity and untiring principles. His commitment to oneness of this great Nation was an unquestionable issue. His strong willed commitment against the Permit Raj made him to take the extreme step of entering Kashmir without any ‘permit’. The result, he was abducted and incarcerated in Kashmir. He was no where to be seen for quite sometime. Finally, the news of arrival of his dead body shook everyone and it took a lot of time to get back to our normal being. Dr Sham Prasad Mukherjee had laid down his life as the first martyr of post independent India.
In 1992, four years after terrorism raised its ugly head in Kashmir, a separatist movement was picking up its heat. The Terrorists had openly challenged ‘Indians’ with a statement – “whoever had consumed his mother’s milk, might dare to come down to Lal Chowk and hoist National flag there”.  This obviously confounded our sentiments and our Party had taken it as fitting challenge to overcome. Our then President, Dr Murli Manohar Joshi, announced Ektha Yatra which was a huge success across the Nation. I still recount my participation too in “Ektha Yathra”. We had train-traveled all along to jammu from Bangalore to reach Kashmir in a bid to ensure the National Flag is hoisted at Lal Chowk. All we could dream was a fluttering tricolor on Lal Chowk. In mid way, all of us were rebutted when we had started our journey to Srinagar from Jammu. Never the less the then Union Government facilitated Dr Joshi and few members (There were few from Karnataka too) amidst the threat to hoist ‘Tiranga’ on Lal Chowk. Incidentally, the Chief Organizer of Ektha Yathra was Narendra Modi, who is the reformist Chief Minister of Vibrant Gujrat. Although, we couldnt be there at Lal Chowk, we were very happy, our motives were met.
Today, BJP’s attempt to counter the separatists’ challenge again is being countered more by the “secularist” establishment at the Centre. Only yesterday, the Opposition Party leaders of Loksabha and Rajya Sabha, Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley were literally snubbed away from entering Kashmir. They were detained at Jammu Airport before being packed back to Punjab.
According to Dr Manmohan Singh, hoisting national Flag at Lal Chowk on the 26th would vitiate the atmosphere there. In UPA’s dispensation, “separatists’” call to question Kashmir as the integral part of India is tolerable secular act, while BJP’s attempt to take up the cudgels to prove Kashmir very much a part of India by hoisting tricolor is a preventable nuisance.
Is that not a dis-service by the UPA to the Indian sentiments? Is that not an act of crawling when the separatists ask the Government to bend? Is that not a case of “de-notifying” the national intentions by the UPA? Many hearts with sentiments of nationalism bleed although

S.Suresh kumar

January 17, 2011

Stray dogs and the stray lives! Who is to account for the death of hapless kid Prashantho?

The death of Prashantho, that eighteen month old child is heart rending. That this innocent kid’s life was put to an end by street dogs in the early hours, when the Bangalore was sleeping makes the incident more sordid.

In the just now - abruptly or forcibly - ended Legislature session Prashantho’s death was one and the only issue pertaining to the common man. Nandeesh Reddy, the first time MLA from KR Puram, Bangalore raised the issue of Prashantho and urged for steps to prevent such tragedies.

On behalf of the Government, I responded. The following day, on 14-1-2010, I chaired a meeting in BBMP to look into the issue. An estimate tells, there are some 3.50 lakh dogs in Bangalore out of which nearly two lakh are street dogs. Anyone who goes for a morning walk, or who comes home after those late night shifts or any two wheelers would have faced the brunt of these dogs. The plight of the rag pickers who search for their “treasure’ near garbage heaps in the wee hours is still more pathetic. In that meeting, the possible remedies, the issue of Animal lover’s passion towards their “man’s best friend” also came for the discussion.

In this conflict, between the prevention of cruelty to animals as well as humans, the question is how to balance the safety of human society and merciful handling of the street dogs? How to do justice to Society for Prevention of cruelty to Animals and Society for Prevention of cruelty to human beings. (Children included) at the same time.

Please advice. Your opinion goes a long way to arrive at a solution.

-          S. SURESHKUMAR