January 01, 2011

I Wish; I See


Puneeth said...

Dear Sureshji,

Very apt and Need of the hour!!!Where is this article published?
I also feel encouraging participation of the youth in politics as activists and also state funding of elctions with the impartail ELECTION COMMISSION can be a way forward!!!
I am a active member of BJP but i cannot participate in any agitation or express my political views since this goes aginst my EMPLOYMENT policy,but i need a job because this gives me security and also helps me to save and desist from using politcis as way to accumulate wealth.

Puneeth said...

Dear Sureshji,
Congratuulations to you and BJP for the suscess in the local body elections!
My suggestion to BJP is to desist from responding to the partial and political governor H R Bharadwaj because he has nothing to loose in the "WAR OF WORDS".
The BJP should press for his removal and shud not extend any courtesy to him since he has clearly shown where his loyalty lies!!

Raju said...

I bring to your kind attention about branch of a tree in the premises of BESCOM office opp. to Shivanagar, hanging out of chord road just opposite temple on the foot path. The branch may fall any time and may fall on vechiles or pedestrians. Pls take urgent action by cutting the damaged bracnh of the tree.