December 11, 2010


Here is an instance for a broad cheer on our faces. Times of India today, has come up with a list of top seven constituencies of Bangalore. This survey tackles various civic parameters such as water, sanitation, public amenities, environment, crime and so forth. 

I am so humble in letting you know this sweet news. Rajajinagar constituency in Bangalore which I represent stands tall at number ONE in this survey. I would misinterpret a little if I just say I am contented of our achievements. I am happy of course, more so because, our larger mission for a people friendly governance is on the right track. 

Three years down the line, we have ensured progressive and sustainable development by identifying key problem areas people face. Success of Janaspandana programs clearly reflected the people’s woes and gave us a room to brace up. Officers were routinely asked to follow up the problems; there were regular review meetings, routine follow ups which ensured all round development. 

It’s refreshing to know that development politics is being recognized and acknowledged by the people and the media too. First it was the overwhelming success at the elections that have happened during the last three years, MP elections and later the Corporation elections. Now the Times of India’s survey reinstates our faith. 

Rajajinagar residents have re-ensured their support to the development. I am humble before them. I thank Times of India too for their extensive society oriented initiatives. 

- S.Sureshkumar


Anonymous said...

Very nice and congrats sir. but i believe that that being honest u have failed to protect intersts of honest officials, Pdo's in the department of RDPR,are resigning due pressure of corruption/ransom by officers.. honest politics should be associated with protectng honest

Puneeth said...

Congratulations!!!Great work!!

Congratulations to corporators and all others involved in the achievement!!

Vivek V Kamath said...

3 Cheers !!!.But bit disaappointed since Rajarajeshwari nagar does not figure in TOP 7 even though as I believe it has better infrastructure than what is mentioned in the TIMES Top 7 List .May be bit baised !!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,

Thanks for your valuable service to Karnataka in general and Bangalore in Particular. However, I have an unrelated question. I see that you are the BWSSB minister now and my question is related to this. I am in USA and my mother is in Bangalore. Apparently, The BWSSB person who reads the water meter has been pestering her to get our 37 year old home compatible for Rain Water Harvesting and that he is ready to work on it(He even told her that it costs 25000 Rupees). Anyway, My mother told him that since BWSSB did not ask her to do that, she is not willing to make changes to our home(For Rain Water Harvesting). Now, he is out to harrass her. The water meter which was working fine for 37 years, all of a sudden was damaged. We think that he may have something to do with it. Without worrying about that, we ended up paying for a new meter and the new meter was running wild. My mother asked a plumber to look into it. When the plumber came home to look at the new water meter, the BWSSB person(who reads the meter), told the plumber about my mother not wanting to remodel our house for Rain Water Harvesting and that he is upset about it. He was also
quoted as saying that he is going to teach my mother a lesson. This morning, my mother told me that the new Water Meter that was put in few weeks ago was damaged. Can you help my mother out with this? I have a newborn son(Here in the USA) and cannot travel to India right now. Is there any way my mother can contact you?


Puneeth said...
Sir,This is a article about a call given by our Ex-president Mr.Abdul Kalam to all staes to emaulte the state of Gujarath in AGRICULTURE sector!

I am not sure if i shou have posted this to you ,since u dont hold agriculture porfolio!!But i suggest you shud put forward this news clip to your colleauge who handles agriculture ministry!
My apologies for spammimg your blog!!!