December 11, 2010


My friend who is a senior journalist of a national English Daily has really made my day. He was recipient of Rajyothsava Award this year. He was very reluctant to accept as it is his belief that a journalist should be free of any type of strings. The award carried cash component of Rs 1 lakh. He promptly handed over the money to his management, seeking to institute an award for budding reporters out of it. His employers accepted the suggestion, but promptly refused to accept the money as it rightly belonged to him only. My friend only got disturbed to hold the riches, he never thought was his. After much pondering he thought of donating it to some institution with dire need of money. He set off to his native and donated the entire money to a kannada school there. AND what is more interesting & pressing is he is yet to pay few more installments towards his housing loan. This strange person in the present day milieu is Mr Arun. Is this not a case which redeems our faith? Thanks a ton Mr Arun. Aruna means SUN. He has shone and yes, he has shown us the light too in these dulling moments of mistrust.

While I pondered over Arun’s impressive temperament, one more news about a person whom the whole nation adores and idolize captivated me again. Sachin, the highest run getter in tests and one days has politely refused a Rs 20 crore offer to endorse a top liquor brand. They say, Character builds your strength. But these kinds of people have their strength built on character.
They never cease to amaze me!



chitra said...

Thank you for bringing this news to us.

arun said...

Your comment has humbled me. I do not think many of the Rajyotsava awardees have used the money for themselves. You know Prof BM Kumaraswamy, environmentalist and the retired professor of economics in Shimoga. He gave the entire money to a school in Shimoga being run for the rag pickers. This is only an incident I came to know about. Many more people must be there.