May 14, 2009

Dog bite!

I had to rush to Shivanagar in the morning hours! Few of the dailies had carried reports that a stray dog had bitten three children in Mahaganapathi nagar area of my constituency. I rushed to the victims’ places.. It was an agonizing meet! The hapless children were attacked by the erratic dog, which was nurtured by a family of the same area earlier. It had bitten those infants terribly. The bruises those children carried, were painful for anybody’s sight. Incidentally the dog had run away from the place of sight.

It left me restless when I spoke to the ‘owner’ of that dog! I couldn’t control my outburst, with the haughty and insensitive response of that guy. I instructed the officials of the health department who were present with me, to take care of those children with utmost care, to own the complete responsibility of tracing that dog and I warned them of dire consequences if any more untoward incidents occur. Later, the dog was found dead near the Soap factory and was found to have carried the deadly rabies virus with it.

Pray, what would be the apprehensions of the parents of those children who would have learnt, the dead dog had carried the rabies virus? I spoke to the Commissioner, BBMP to get an assurance that necessary injections, each costing Rs. 8000 are being administered to the children and those children are being taken care of with utmost attention.

My concern doesn’t end here...

We see our friends who love animals more than children! They knock the doors of courts once they come across incidents of stray and insane animals being punished. They demand dogs can’t be ill-treated even if they ill-treat us. There are few judicial pronouncements to implement family planning system for the stray dogs and later on they be allowed to wander in the streets of their earlier existence! The City Corporation has to implement the order.

Will these dog lovers intervene when they find instances of their pets and their dearest stray dogs attacking the people at their mercy? Will they own the responsibility, if the rabies virus is spread to these hapless children? Will they share the concerns of the parents?

I truly understand the views of the animal lovers that dogs or whichever animals should not be ill treated... At the same time, should we also not be concerned against the ill effects of this exaggerated attention about the stray dogs? Don’t we have the right to act ‘rightly’ on such occasions?

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cdimul said...

It may also be nice to register a complaint on the dog owner and get compensation for the sufferings and medical expenses.

We are pleased on your timely helps and efforts.