May 03, 2009

30th April 2009

Dated 30-04-09

Todays dailies shocked me in its literal sense!

Its my routine to start off the day with reading the news papers at as early as 5.45 in the early mornings. Like any other day, I was sifting through the news papers. It was then; this report stuck to my eyes and kept me literally baffled, frustrated and disgruntled.

There was a report, that the repairs, renovation and refurbishing of my Official residence has cost state exchequer by a whopping 16.20 lakhs.

I have always believed that Government’s money is peoples’ money. We the politicians should always be conscious about this. This “award” of early morning deeply hurt me and was sufficient to keep astonished for rest of the whole day!

Memories are still afresh. We bought our house in Sriramapuram during 1993, for a mere 5 lakhs. Where is the connection? Now the repair cost of this building has cost “peoples’ money” by 16.20 lakhs.

Now the report has gone public. I had to clarify my stand. I discussed these things with my officials and asked them to write a letter requesting the Chief Secretary to order an enquiry about how the purchase process is done at the Government level. The letter was ready by 12.30 PM and was sent to reach the Chief Secretary. Media houses were also dispatched with the copies of the letter. My intent here was:

o To prove that I am not a “thick skinned” politician as all the politicians are perceived to be by the people.

o To distance myself from this profit making government contracts.

o To expose the racket of nexus between the Engineers and the contractors.

I heard that, Chief Secretary has ordered to hold an enquiry. Should see where this goes!

Will you support me here?

-S. Suresh kumar


manjunath. said...

respected sir
yes it has to be probed and severe action should be taken against those who are playing nonsense with public money.manjunath,bengaluru

sunny_raju said...
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sunny_raju said...

Hello Sir, Nice to see you in blog world, we do Know ur honesty. One thing i cannot forget about you is your support and fight for NGEF employees in settling their dues. it wouldnt have happened with out your support. Good Luck

ananath said...

mr Kumar,
everybody in karnataka knows your simplicity, during 2008 assembly election each and every candidate assets were in crores you were the only candidate who said your asset id just few lacks, keep up the good work,

ananath said...

yes each & every right thinking person will support you in this.The blog is a great opportunity for us to directly tell our day to day problems if any.i appreciate you efforts

cdimul said...

Hi, Suresh Kumar, I am with you. You seem to very upset. I feel in these days 16 lakhs is nothing. Why hue and cry on this. Since you have denied it, now people should see positive things in you. You seem to be very sensitive. The first time I knew you was when my counsin brother was applauding you of your works as a councillor in Maruthy Extension ward some 20 years back.

I am living in your constituency and our constituency needs much work to be done. I could be of help to you by feeding you the important works that has to be done in our constituency. I live in Prakashnagar area.

Firstly please maintain the present water-supply which is satisfactory.

Secondly the drainage has not been cleaned and is polluting the atmosphere with poisonous emission of stench. This will cause diseases please take care of this.

More feedbacks on development works that needs attention will be taken up later.

People will be happy to breathe a clean air by your timely help.

cdimul said...

Respected Sir,

When I have said that the drainage has not been cleaned, in my last post it refers to the Storm Water drain.

I may also request you to order the BBMP to fine the public who are in practise of throwing garbage into the storm-water drains which is the cause for many diseases.

Sometimes peoples eyes could be opened only by taking punitive action on them. By fining them it would give a mild shock to them and open their minds to civic sense.

cdimul said...

Dear Suresh Kumar,

You could reply us through these columns so that we know that you have read our comments.

Else repy to my email at

Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

sir, we know u .... we will support u.. but, at the same time, we are eager to hear what has it been traced to .. the truth and punishment must happen to ppl involved in it.