May 14, 2009

Current affair!

Mulayam Singh Yadav has said his Party will support those who will dismiss Mayavathi’s Government. This is passé!

Now, there is one more similar incident. Former CM of our own state, Mr Kumaraswamy is saying, he will leave no stone unturned to dismiss the BJP Government led by Sri. Yediyurappa.

You can never make out the source of your inspirations!

Mr Kumaraswamy tells he wouldn’t mind shaking hands with any Party/ person to achieve his FEAT! He is the ‘former’ CM and so is his father, a former (err, farmer!) PM! Either of them doesn’t like to be farmers or formers! Idle man’s mind is devil’s workshop.

Politics stooping so low, how we can expect our Country to march forward? I am deeply pained at this! Development and welfare should not become casualties because of such relentless machinations by those who cannot be without power.


cdimul said...

Dear Friend,

As I know, you too know it that this present government is unshakable, hence all policies of this Government can be relentlessly implemented without any hindrances by any outside forces. Once that is done, people of Karnataka who are intelligent, will forever vote for BJP.

So there can never be any casualities and the enemies relentless efforts by these methods will only bring in more downfall to them.

Mr.Kumaraswami's party is not expected to farewell as per exit polls. Even if it fares well it will have no impact on our Karnataka Government. It will remain strong and stable. Everybody knows this.

At the centre BJP has bright chances to form the Government if it can woo Jayalalitha and through her PMK and MDMK. Nitish kumar too will fall in line.

Tamilnadu's CPI and CPM parties can fall in line for BJP but at national level it is difficult hence great efforts are needed to change their mind set.

Everything will fructify only if BJP can wrest maximum seats and becomes the single largest party. Lets hope so.. it will.

Santosh AR said...

Dear Sri.Suresh Kumar
Please do not get disturbed by machinations of devils without power. Your time is precious for our development and we care for your work.

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