May 12, 2009

An instance of channelising energy!

This news report of 7th June in Mint, Bangalore is what I wanted to share with you now for its distinctness!

Amazing as it sounds, a group of beggars have setup a school in West Delhi for the benefit of their fellowmen. The ‘leaders’ have a desire to keep their friends updated and braced up for the ensuing International sporting events! If you are mulling over, if the beggar community has gained a place in the sporting events, your inferences are true although in a contradictory perspective..!

These ‘leaders’ want their pan handling market become more lucrative if they accustom to foreign languages, which would help their community to “DEMAND” and interact with the foreigners visiting the sporting events. Look at their persistence! Beggars beg to be different!

We all are familiar with this age old cliché- “Beggars can’t be choosers” This has been contradicted and the tramps have become choosers here. Would you mind reading this report? See the snapshot of it below.

The absurdity of the ‘beggar hood’ is a known and agreed fact. No issues on that.

I fully second the views of this News that many of our rehabilitation programmes must be channelized to improve their efficacy. But I would also like to move a little forward and dare to think, that inspiration should be drawn from such instances at to how the collective energy of the nation can be channelized to make us more stronger and more successful!

Any one of you has got ideas..?!


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cdimul said...

Yes, I like to forge people of likeminded who have the same unclinching endeveours as I have to see that Ganges river is linked to Cauvery river.

It can get accomplished by a non-political organisation with secret supports of politicians.

Like minded educated peoples in all fields and common people coming from all walks of life can group together and chanalise their powers to bring this project to realisation.

The organisation can get registered and this organisation can have its branches in all the states where this water will flow through. Funds will be available in plenty when people recognise the benefits and start sponsoring it.

To start with it needs a sponsor who is genuinely interested in it, he maybe a politician or maybe a C.O. of a great reputed company.

But a direct involvement of a politician for advertisement purpose will spoil the very root of this adventure.