May 15, 2009

Legacy of the BIG BANYAN TREE!

Kamakshipalya is a ward in my Constituency. There is a park in this area popularly known as “Aaladamara Park” where in a huge Banyan tree has had given its shade and shelter for thousands of folks for more than 300 years!

Early hours of the day were shocking for me as I had to hear, the huge tree is ‘no more’! It had breathed its last. It was around 7.15 in the morning, when I reached the place, and the sight was one of the most tragic ones. The legend, which was a mute witness to many of our generations, had touched the ground like a fallen hero. The Tree was a permanent dwelling for thousands of birds and it had assured its concern to each one of them who took shelter in it. It was like an unconditional love, as a mother offers to her child! No bargains and no suspicions.

And just calculate the number of millions of tons of oxygen it must have released, all along.

My memories went back to my childhood days (35-40 years back), when we used to walk from our places to reach this huge tree and play around it. It used to be a picnic spot for us.

Look at the time of its fall! It was midnight when many of the near by residents had to suddenly wake up after the deafening sound, probably its last breath! There was no one under it. Imagine, if it had fallen down during the day time. It selected its time, late night so as to ensure nobody is harmed and everybody is safe!

This is what I would like terming, “a complete living”, a life lived for others sans any expectations!

Hundreds of park users joined me to observe silence for a couple of minutes as a mark of respect to our close relative! Many of the senior citizens (esp. women) couldn’t control their tears looking at the sad demise. I was left speechless for a long time. Such was the emotional attachment; this tree has had in our lives.

All of us who had gathered there, resolved to plant few saplings in the same place, so we can expect our future generations to enjoy the affluence of warmth the trees offer.

It was a feeling of heavy hearts when I started my drive, back to the daily routine!

- S.Suresh kumar


cdimul said...

Dear Sir,

If this has evoked so much emotional to the people nearby then it is time for them to see that this area is earmarked for the birth of a new Banyan Tree.

Let not the place be given for construction of any apartments or playground. Playground though good it will at a later stage become the place for building some Sangha or school. Let the place be continually called as `Aaladamara Park' with the new sapling sown.

Please take steps for this...

aravind said...

Hearty congratulations to you and your team. We only hope there will be more nature loving Decision Makers like you

Deepasmitha said...

Dear Sir,

It was indeed a very sad day. We feel we have lost an elderly member of the family. I too have grown up seeing this grand old tree, and numerous monkeys and the trees it mothered. Thanks for the writeup