May 25, 2009

Here is the article published in Kannada Prabha daily dated 22-05-09. Such opinions, do make me feel energised and set me going.
- S.Sureshkumar

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punee said...

Dear Sir,

This move of yours is commendable and courageous one.The fact that successive previous governments have turned “TRANSFER” as fund raising activity for the ruling parties,to maximize the wealth of individuals and also to promote caste dominance in various government institutions has not stopped you can only speak of your honest intentions.

You being admired as honest and efficient leader of BJP would only prove that transfers can be used as effective tool to improve efficiency and scuttle complacency and corruption in various bodies.
I hope you would emulate the transfer policy of teachers adopted by your governmant,which promotes transparency and serves as a motivational tool for the government teachers.
Nevertheless it’s a courageous move and deserves praise and KUDOA!!
Puneeth kumar