June 13, 2009

Finance Ministers’ meet- Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi- 11th June 09

It was an opportunity for me to be present in the Finance Ministers’ meet convened by the Union Finance Minister, Mr.Pranab Mukherjee. My CM had directed me to represent and convey the views of the State in that Pre budget meet. It was an excellent gesture on the part of Mr Pranab Mukherjee, who is a veteran in the administrative matters. At one point of time, he was heading a group of 55 ministers! Few CMs Mr.Ashok Gehlot of Rajasthan, Tarun Gogoi of Assam, Premkumar Dhawal from Himachal Pradesh, and the Deputy CM of Bihar, Mr. Susheel Modi who all hold the finance portfolios of their respective states made their presence. Mr Pranab Mukherjee is always known for his no-nonsense approach.

The deliberations went on for seven quality hours with absolute seriousness. Everyone was allowed to express his views. Vigyan bhavan, the venue was vibrating with the positive views and concern for the Country’s economic future. For a change, politics and the political speeches were conspicuous by their absence.

It was a collective resolve to take the Country out of the present day crisis. Confidence was evident, that nation will surely emerge victorious out of this mess with the collective thinking and effort.

It was nice to watch Mr.Asim Das Guptha, the finance Minister of West Bengal and also the Chairman of the Empowerment Committee who dwelt on the issue at length. Nationalistic sentiment was evident in the meet when the saner voices from the smaller states like Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur and all other states were heard with apt attention and total acceptance.

Personal front, it was a meeting which enriched my knowledge and gave me a glimpse of the situation in various states. Karnataka’s views on the future of the garment industry, the need to improve infrastructure in smaller towns and cities to nurture industries and hence create more jobs, offering job oriented training to the rural youth etc., and many other issues were taken note of by those who were present.

It’s my sincere belief, that such deliberations will go a long way in shaping up the future of the nation.


punee said...

Dear Sir,

You being a learned,pragamtic and honest person should advice the BJP on the PROS and CONS of GST,instead of opposing it for the sake of opposing,the flip -flop of the BJP on the nuclear issue has alrady turned the educated and patriotic citizens of this country away from BJP.People like you should stand up for wht is right for the country!If we have to compete with CHINA and other BRIC countries we need a stable,transparent and a uniform tax and fincancial sysytems.


punee said...

Dear Sureshji,
Thanx for posting my comment,but i expected your opinion on my comment!
Puneeth Kumar