November 24, 2009


It was an awareness rally. An effort to make people know the 'value' of water.. How important is rain water harvesting is for our future.. The rally was kicked off at 8.30 in the morning at Rajajinagar Service station of BWSSB.. We went walking for almost two hours covering more than 5 kms through out the Constituency along with hundreds of school childern and fellow citizens. Many onlookers also joined our rally.. It finally concluded at Rajkumar Kalakshetra where every one of us took oath to conserve rain water and save for the future


I thank every one of those assembled, the school principals who sent their students to be a part of the rally, special thanks all those students who made the day!


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Raghavendra said...

Hats of to you if the entire govt start following you instead of fighting it can do miracles mico raghu