November 20, 2009

VIJAYAKARNATAKA dated 16-11-09

I understand it was a long pause. Between, there were many moments when I strongly desired I should pen something here.

Excuses for my un intended absence. Please see few of the news reports those have appeared in the media for some time now. I wish you respond to these.


Sureshkumar S


Puneeth said...

Dear Sir,

The article is a motivation to a lot of youth of this country ,that evrything is not lost.
i am sure one day you would become the CM of KARNATAKA and still remain the same human being you are now!
All the best to you Sir.

Puneeth said...

Dear Sir,

WELCOME BACK TO BLOGGING!!! Thanx for blogging again!

Anonymous said...

This article was superb!. He has penned down the same lines that went through my mind on that morning.

milind dharmasen said...

i just love this person suresh kumar