November 10, 2010


The thinning of distinctness between resident non Indians and resident anti Indians is a new found affliction for the nation. It has become a fashion-contemporary to question the integrity of the Country by our own Countrymen who ill-pose themselves as intellectuals. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been attempts to correlate a nationalistic Organization as RSS with the anti-national SIMI. Unless we nip this raising phenomenon in the bud, our Country is surely in for a bleak future. My new article appears in today’s Vijay Karnataka today. Pls read on. 


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Nanda Kishor said...

Dear Sir

I am Dr. Nanda Kishor, Ph.D Political Science from Central University of Hyderabad. I have been a follower of you for a long time as i have been working with few institutions like Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies (Hyderabad) and Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) Hyderabad, which are directly involved in Urban Development and Municipal Administration activities in Karnataka. I have done 6 training programmes for SJSRY staff in Karnataka. Wanted to meet that time but i could not. Now i will be involved in City Sanitation Plan for cities of Karnataka under your roof again. Given an opportunity i want to work and assist you personally. Please answer this mail sir. My id is Awaiting your sincere reply.

Dr.Nanda Kishor
Centre for Energy, Environment,Urban Governance & Infrastructure Development
Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI)
Bellavista, Hyderabad- 500082