November 24, 2010

New Article in Vijaya Karnataka 24-11-2010

Humility now a days is a hard found commodity. When success lies at your foot, there is every chance you set your heads only high and pretend to neglect those who were the  strings of ladder. Here is Amitabh Bachan, the cult figure of India who remains humility personified even after tasting success for many decades. When the Idiot box is increasing the couch potatoes , Amitabh nurtures a healthy culture through KBC which is captivating by each passing day. Tumultuous political scenario couldn’t check my praises for him. I can only wish his tribe increase in each and every field. Please read my new article in today’s VK


Puneeth said...

Dear Sureshji,
Amitabhji's rise from the ashes after he fell into the debt trap due to the failed venture might be one of the reasons for his humility and composure

Veeresh said...

Really inspiring article. I liked in the article about lavalavike, which you mentioned about them. Thanks and keep writing such articles, hope it will inspire a lot of people to cultivate such things in thier life. Thank U...