November 25, 2010


November 24th- The day of three CMs. Nitish kumar was re-endorsed, BS Yeddyurappa was asked to continue and  Rosaiah was allowed to resign.

Huge, massive, thumping, unprecedented, landslide, overwhelming… … …  dictionary/ vocabulary is unable to define the verdict of Bihar. It was a clean victory in a clean election, where development was the only Issue. No false promises, no allurements, no big money involvement. More cheerful news: It was a clear case of “cast your vote and not vote your caste!”  Votes were not purchased, not stolen, not manipulated and not managed too. It was a sheer stamp of a massive approval.

As Nitish kumar, the harbinger of New Bihar, in all his humility puts it- “it was a victory of the people of Bihar rather than NDA. It was a people’s election. They had choice- either to march towards a better, developed, prosperous Bihar OR walk towards the dark days of the past.” They voted for their own future. And that too in what number? Mind boggling might just the better word which can describe it.

WILL the other states be able to emulate the example of Nitish and the voters of Bihar? Will the future elections are fought similarly only on the developmental issues rather than the “petty verbal stone throwing” ones? Will the gawky dance of the brutal money power stop? Yes. The people of the so-described “backward” state have surely opened the eyes of those so-called “forward” states. It is a lesson for both the elected and electors. Hats off to Nitish.

AND the BJP’s performance?  It is more astonishing and just fantastic. It had contested 102 seats and was successful in 91 seats. One of the best or the best STRIKING RATE in a       20-20 match if described as a cricketing slang. And the money that is learnt to have spent in the elections is also very negligible. Sushil Modi the crusader, surely deserved congratulations. Top of all, both Nitish and Sushil Modi were “calmness personified” in their moments of glory.

Should not these “best practices” be emulated elsewhere?



rajendra said...

Sir! It shows people are desperate to see the developmental slogans made by the people in power being acted upon. When a state like Bihar can show the way by endorsing the good governance of Nitish kumar, its clear that People irrespecitve of their identities want development that gives them a hope that they are secured under the Governance and feel that Governance. I believe Mr. Nitish kumar was successful in making people of Bihar to feel that Governance. He has been rewarded. I just saw his Interview, he is humble yet very strong and determined to see Bihar is on the right track and Iam sure he will do it. India needs many more Nitish Kumars.

Puneeth said...

Dear Sir,
Please go thru the article in MSN
about the controversial argument of the Attorney General of India G E Vahanvati that people with impeccable intergity is imaginery!!!!
The article counts you as one of the rare politicians in our country with "impeccable intergrity"
As propagated by Sri Advaniji KARNATAKA shud get SURAAJ and SWARAJ and you r the chosen one!!!Request you to play a bigger role in the party and be ready for the leadership role for the sake of the country

Prateek said...

I think the BJP won because of its cadres... the organization was extremely strong... the alliance was is and will be robust as long as Nitish Kumar,Sushil Modi and other such leaders lead the alliance without any arrogance...

Puneeth said...

Dear Sureshji,
The support by the Swamijis to the CM and their protest against his possible removal is another low in KARNATAKA's politics during BJPs regime!!Whts ur opinion on KAAVI mixing with KAADI??

Suryanarayana said...

Ene aadaru nimma manasakshi oppatha sir, ee belavanigena?
Navella neevu CM agodhu guarantee, innadaru rajyada kelasa munduvariyuthe ankondavi....
Ella ankondange agodilla alwa ....
Jai Karnataka

prakash said...

The elections in Karnataka have become very expensive affair. More so after 2008. At least can v expect a change in the coming ZP/TP elections.

Sudhi said...

Rosaiah - Loyal to high command
Nitish - People's high command
Yeddiyurappa - Shows no mercy to High command.

Manju said...

I joined your follower list today. Atleast now, can we assume that development is the only mantra for Karnataka as stated by CM(seems to have learnt some lesson) ? But doesn't look so. There are people in BJP itself who are pulling the CM down. People in mining business doesn't seem to have learnt any lesson.
So what is solution? going for mandate again?

Vinay Jakati said...


Yes the Bihar has voted for the development and not for the caste.Your article has mentioned only about Nitish Kumar and the performance of Bihar elections.
Why not nothing has been written on BSY & Rosaiah?
The recent development have really hurt me as a BJP supporter.We would like to see the transparent image in the next coming 2.5 years else we will loose the interest to vote for any political party.