October 29, 2010


Every morning, I sift through about sixteen news papers. I am not describing this to claim anything, but it has become a daily routine for me for the past many years. Amongst Kannada news papers, I read Kannada Prabha, Praja vani, Vijay Karnataka, Samyuktha Karnataka, Udaya Vani and Hosadigantha while in English news papers, I start with Mint followed by Economic times, DNA, Deccan Chronicle, Times of India, Indian Express, Deccan Herald and The Hindu.

Occasionally, a strange thought occurs to me that on most of the days, none of the news papers greet “good morning” to me. Instead, they seem to compete each other to say ‘good mourning’! It was the same experience this morning too.

Was it a selective refusal by the media to handover that one positive and elusive Good News to the citizen of Karnataka who is reeling under the theatre of absurdity of State’s Political drama.

Yes, today’s Good News is that our State of Karnataka has achieved the SECOND place after Gujarat in a list released in Delhi yesterday. This achievement is in the fruitful implementation of UPA’s 20 point program that focuses on poverty eradication and rural development schemes.

Congress is leading the UPA government at the Centre. But, the BJP ruled states are in the first four positions. Gujarat stands at the top while Karnataka, Jharkhand and Punjab are at 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions respectively.

The ambitious Twenty Point Program scheme was launched by late Indira Gandhi in 1975 and restructured in 2006 with the focus on improving the living standards of the poor and down trodden section of Society. The important thing is, this review was conducted by the Union Ministry of Statistics and program implementation.

Yes, good news may not be considered worthy news. Because it may not be ‘breaking’! I came across this info as a small news item in the page 10 of Times of India and reasonably prominent in Kannada prabha. And that’s it.

Rahul Gandhi travelling in sleeper a coach has more ‘appeal’ than this not so appealing developmental achievement.



Jagadish said...

Your 100% right sir.. all are Behind money only.... Media only think about TRP... and Now a days people are only behind money ...

satish sringeri said...

Good Morning Sir,
It's really surprising ( real BREAKING NEWS!) for all of us to know that KARNATAKA is in second position after GUJARAT in 20 point programme implementation...we can't understand the silence of the media in highlighting this news, they were busy in giving publicity for Breaking remarks of a lady at Kashmir...

leelavathi said...

Sir, Good news are not at all sensational to the media. They want only excitements. They will also enjoy the negative sensationals and make people to follow them. Very bad!! Please send this to all media.

Basu said...

Hello Sir,

Truly its a news of Honour to our state. Medias have got the very bad attitude of selective (which they want, not the readers/viewers) broadcasting of news. Also, there affiliation to political parties and leaders matters. Should do some thing to this. With the political high drama, the citizens are loosing (in fact hating) interest in politics and also about media for their selective broadcasting. They are making citizens to feel there are no other good issues other than political high drama.

Madhukara MP said...

Wow, good achievement!! Congratulations to and govt of karnataka!!

I wish next time our karnataka governament beats Gujrat as well. I love nothing but first :)

i remember reading one of Dr.APJ kalam's speech in which he described how Israel's meida works and how our Bharat's media is negatively poisoned. Yesterday, i heard form one of my friend who is in Photography for one of the leading English daily of Bangalore, that his chief photographer receives more than 50000 INR every month from most of the political parties. I can even dare to say from CM as well. So, if chief photographer himself gets more than 50K, I can imagine how much editor might get!!

So, i would love to read news papers for Su-Do-Ku!!

raghava said...

It's one of the findings, which people like you will be finding strange to believe seeing the situation on the ground. It's refreshing true, but the situation on the ground is quite different. See for the example the state of persons who were displaced during the recent floods. Their condition continues to be pitable. These ranking does not make any difference until your govt feel and work in resolving peoples problems.
The ranking to the Modi's government reflects the situaion on ground, than the Yeddyurappa's government

L Venkatesh said...

Sir, What you say is true. However in order to make interesting what I request you is to start advertising full page front of good things Govt has done. For instance it is now recognised by UPA 2 govt at Centre that Karnataka Govt despite the problem being faced by it from opposition has been able to implement all the central programme and stands in second position in the entire country!! That is an achievement with problems at hand

Anonymous said...

i am really wondering why as amatter of fact most of the people wonder how do you find time to earmark so much of time to read so many newspapers and magazines attending to your ministerial responsibility It is really great you also find time to comment in face book and your BLOG

girish said...

sir good achievement!! Congratulations to govt of karnataka!!

CM YEDDIYURAPPA sir very efficient v can c his dreams by looking at his eyes due to political issues GOVT s getting bad name ..v all know GOVT has done gud development works if want v people vil prove dis to Opposition party leaders specially HDK..!! iam dam happy to c Karnataka in 2nd place ...cong's to CM and his cabinet members ..!!

Puneeth said...

Dear Sir,

One of the newspaper published an interview of Robert Vadra(His achievement:Priyanka Gandhi's husband) in the front page and dedicated quarter page for this!!!!
The headlines that day was "I can wIN FROM ANYWHERE in INDIA!!!!One of the issue was him cycling with Rahul GANDHI and accompanying him to the GYM!!!
This newspaper is supposed to be the largest selling English daily !!!!

Veeru Patil said...

Congratulations, indeed it is great news for Karnataka, I read this news in one of the news paper, really felt very happy today after seeing all the dramas from few weeks.
Sir, I would also like to Thank you for giving good suggestions to CM while sitting next to him in assembly proceedings .

s.Radhakrishna said...

Sir, I had close Association with you when I was working in BBMP as Mr. K. Jairaj" assistant. Now I am retired. I wish all politicians emulate you in simplicity and sincerity.All friends circle of mine express the same. S.Radhakrishna

Pradeep Shenoy said...

Nice article sureshji.

i agree with you. media wants to highlight only negatives. i feel that, government should release some more advertisements to these English news papers too. media is sold out. unless you bribe them even they won't write good things..no english media is dare enough to write against any IT majors. reason is simple. crores of rupees flows to them every week in the name of advertisements.

Rathnakara Bhat said...

It's definetely a morale booster for KARNATAKA but to catch up with GUJARAT we may have to acheive lot more especially in rehabilitating last year's flood victims of North Karnataka. I literally pray the Almighty every day to bestow & bless you with all powers to help the last person on street to fulfill the ideals of SWAMI VIVEKANANDA.