October 01, 2010


Allahabad High Court verdict is unique in nature. It might have generated mixed feelings. BUT it has certainly succeeded in NOT generating any wild repulsion.

It is a good sign of a matured (some may term it as maturing or forcibly matured) leadership. The reactions too of the political and religious leadership are simply – sober in nature.

Media has also refreshingly behaved in an exemplary manner exhibiting lot of restraint. Today’s Economic Times banner Headline has succeeded in communicating the mood of the nation in just four words. LAND DIVIDED, INDIA UNITED- best explain the verdict. It is a classic example of how a headline should be. It is catchy, meaningful and tells everything. Similarly, Deccan Chronicle too has come up very creative “JUDGES DIVIDE AYODHYA TO UNITE INDIA” – Just excellent.

In total, the verdict – though delayed but not totally denied – the Reactions of the leadership across the Country, the coverage by the media- have shown that we have grown sensitive, as well as sensible.

Hope this mindset spreads!  


Puneeth said...

Dear Sureshji!
I completely agree with you and this also shows how INDIA as a country has matured and its a real sign of warning against PAKISTAN and CHINA who are waiting in the wings to divide our country!
The message also goes to the people of KASHMIR whoo wants to separate from INDIA only because they are MUSLIMS.
I would also laud the statemnet of the RSS chief reacting 'ITS NOBODYS VICTORY NOR ANYBODY'S LOSS"


Puneeth said...

Dear Sureshji,

Hope u will not loose ur house where ur mother resides!!
My prayers with you for the same!

Puneeth said...

Dear Sureshji,

I frankly feel its time to face the people under new transparent and visionary leadership who thinks of COUNRTY FIRST and SURAJ(GOVERNANCE) as propagated and promised by Mr.L K ADVANI in the last elections !
A Non preforming governrment with corrupt leadership at helm and meddling by the family and bowing to the pressure of selfish individual MLAs is not expected by the BJP.
Please remember what happened in GUJARATH when the SURESH MEHTA government was brought down by the disgruntled MLAs who had only personal gians in their minds!!!BJP came to power with 2/3RD majority and all the MLAs who sided with the CONGRESS did bite the dust!!!We have a govt led by Shri Modi for the last 10 years in GUJARATH today!!I sincerely feel you should fill in the shoes of MODI in KARNATAKA!!
Its a co-incident that Shri MODI is completing 10 YEARS today and also i remeber that Modiji had adviced to keep the family out of the ADMINISTRATION during his briefing to the COUNCIL of MINISTERS in his address in JSS MUTT,MYSORE,if the organisers had only listened!!!!!