September 29, 2010



Intelligent youth of present day are increasingly becoming cynical because of the incidents amongst us. This is more decelerating for the nation as a whole. In the midst of this absolute cynicism, we often find, marvels such as E.Sridharan aka Metro Sridharan, who defy their age and go on to prove themselves forever. Any amount of acclaim is not sufficient for people like Sridharan.

Should not the present youth consider people like him as true role models? Pls read my writeup appeared in today's Vijay Karnataka.




Ravindra A N said...

definitely we are proud of individuals(and not the system) like E.Sreedharan. if he, an influential man himself, is disgusted with the system, what about a common man. sir, u r the law minister, please write in your next article, what can be done to eradicate corruption.

My Blogs said...

Dear Sir,
I read your article in the morning. Really Shri. Sridharan is inspirational to us.

I am following your article every week. Thank you for the wonderful articles.

murthy said...


The article is really inspiring, the sad thing the corruption continues to exist even under leadership of true and sincere leaders like AB Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh, you being simplistic ground level social worker, look for your inputs towards corrective measures against corruption.

Puneeth said...

Dear Sureshji,

Please prevail upon the govenrmnet to increase Mr.Sridharan's role in BANGALORE Metro so that the BJP govt can dedicate this to the people within this tenure!

i also remember Mr.Sridharan raising his voice aginst the corruption in the METRO project in HYDERABAD,only a person like Sridharan COULD raise his voice aginst the all powerful Late Rajshekar Reddy !!!If the CENRTAL govt would have heard him,they could also get a clue on the dealings of Ramalingam Raju whose MAYTAS infra was part of the scam noticed by Mr.Sreedharan

Anonymous said...

I have read many of your articles and admire your honesty and integrity. As a law minister can you do anything to eradicate corruption in Karnataka?. You should introduce a legislation giving power to Lokayukta to unearth the illgotten wealth of all elected officials including CMs/ex CMs, ministers/exministers, MLAs/ ex MLAs, MPs/exMPs including panchayath level. Let it pass by a vote of 224-0 and 63-0.