May 21, 2010


Sadananda- an enthusiast farmer has shown the way through multifarious activities in his 2.25 acre agriculture land. pisciculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, agriculture - all find the place in his tiny little farm. His is a quite successful story. He handsomely earns- 24 lacs per annum, and still has all the emotional serenity around him.

When I visited his small but highly productive farm, what awe-stuck me was the contentment on the faces of all of his family members. His story goes on to prove agriculture still has bright present and future too only if one cares and dedicates.

Agriculture, a primary and vital sector of our nation, to many of us alas, is no more glamorous. No farmer now a day wants his son to become farmer again. Instead he wouldn’t mind his son to take up the post of an attender, a lift operator, or a security personnel.

On the other hand, Sadananda’s is an astonishing story. Once an ordinary employee of Escorts limited, for 15 long years, Sadananda yearned to become a successful agriculturist. He quit his job to take up agriculture in his tiny farm. It was a decision strengthened by his dedication which led to single minded pursuit. His farm named after Laxmi Nursery is not a big one. Its only 2.25 acre extent and as tiny as that. He grows gold here literally. Ferocious dogs, well built sheep, beautiful hen, cultivated fish.. you  find them all here. It is a self sustained (in all respects) farm.

Sadananda’s success story is infectious. His son, himself a law graduate has also quit his field and jumped in to the fray and is actively involved in father’s success story.

One should visit this place of various innovations and experience a mood of self contentment. Tapasihalli, where this farm is situated is just 5 kms away from Dodaballapur . Surely, for me, it was a reason of hope.


Puneeth said...

Dear Sureshji,
I hope Sri.Sadananda will be part of the RYOT YATRA to be held in Kudala Sangama and would be honoured by the CM.

Congratulations to you and the BJP governement on Mysore being declared the second best city and MANGALORE,6th best in terms of sanitation in the National Rating Exercise!! Hope the new BJP team in BBMP would be gunning for the top slot next year under your guidance and inspiring leadership

sughosh s. nigale said...

Dear Sir,
Have sent you an email regarding this. Hope you have received it. Awaiting reply,
Sughosh S. Nigale