April 18, 2011


On Sunday yesterday, It was a get-together with a real difference. My MLA friend from Tiptur made it possible for me to savor the flavor of this rare event.

The Tiptur Boys High School was started in 1925 by one Sir Albion Bannerjee. That is, 86 years ago. Our friend MLA with his friends organized a get together of all old students, in which over 300 old friends came together.

Even as I entered the venue, the name of the event 'NENAPU' (remembrance) many seniors came to me and started introducing themselves as 1954, 1961, 1949......, instead of telling their names. They were more keen to introduce through the years of their respective batches.

On the platform with me were two students from the First batch. Both were centurions. One of them was the first MLA of Tiptur.

I went around the classes of the school building which was fully constructed within a year of laying foundation stone and even today is in reasonably good condition. A lesson for today's administrators and contractors.

After formal inauguration, it was time for the old students' nostalgic journey. The opening batsman was Sri Alhaj Dr II Abdul Hameed, who has a doctorate and who is a Hindi Vishard-Vidwan. He narrated his journey in 1954 with his father to get admission in this school. He belonging to a poor family had to walk 45 miles, seeking alms in villages. Thanks to the excellent academic atmosphere in the school, he could succeed in studies. Donations started pouring, ranging from 25,000 to over a lakh.

To remember and relish their student days again, the 'students' were treated with ice candies. It was a get together that brought out Bon homie, emotional bonding. Absolutely there was no airs about the status. This programme aptly called NENAPU will remain well etched in my memory for a long period. Thank you Nagesh for giving me this glimpse of a great nostalgic trip.

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