April 02, 2011

The banality of the Indian cricket fan

This may appear an Anti-Indian piece. But I feel it is an hilarious article with grains of truth. Aakar patel is a writer with a rare insight, whose articles have always amazed me. Can you please read the latest that appeared in today’s “Mint”. 

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Padubidri said...

I am out rightly differ with this writer, who is carrying utter prejudice about common Indian mentality. It seems he is having the general perception that, whatever western and skin white that is always right. Yes we are having a sound behavior while expressing our emotions. But please let me know, if those viewers sitting in Lords ground to watch a cricket match and expressing them selves constantly by clapping three times and later remaining to a silence, it doesn't conveys their civilized behavior, rather it reflects their mental sickness.Indication of your civil being is that you are able to name your biological father and then mach your statement with a biological proof(DNA). But none of the white skinned can able to meet these parameter, as they are practicing dogs in their so called civilized life.