June 23, 2010


When Politics is for development there is no reason why our Country shouldn't march ahead.. Last fortnight, my experience with many representatives of progressive states finds a mention in today's article. Pls read on to offer your views.



Narendra said...

Dear Suresh ji,

I read the complete article. It is a very good one. We all know that Karnataka government has taken some good initiatives and is moving in the right direction.
But, still I am feeling that, lot of things are still to be done. So, I have few suggestions in this regard.
1. Today Television has become universal and even a kid knows how to use it. But, this Television is being used only by people of commercial interests. Why our government is not making use of it effectively? For example, we need to teach our people about the importance of conversation of energy, driving discipline, etc. So, government can prepare few small (but attractive) advertisements and make it compulsory to be aired by every channel.
2. Laying of tracks for Metro train is going in full speed. From last week, they have started work on Kanakapura Road strech. But, the road is not wide enough to carry the traffic and also metro work. So, it has to be widened before starting metro work. Also, some alternate roads from Kanakapura Road to Ring Road, J.P.Nagar and Puttenahalli should be developed, so that people will not get punished because of metro work. But, looks like govt is not bothered about the hardships the people have to go thru for next 2-3 years in that area. Why the govt is not taking these kind of people friendly steps before starting big and timetaking projects?
3. Many flyover and underpass are getting constructed. I am from J.P.Nagar. Daily we keep seeing the J.P.Nagar Underpass and Kadirenahalli underpass getting constructed. These are going on for last 3-4 years. Nobody know when these will get completed! So, every project should put up a display with all the details and keep updating the details when the time schedule slips - put the next due date for completion, how much percentage is completed, what is the latest work that is going on, etc.
4. Govt is giving lot of attention to building good bus stands. This is a welcome move. But, these bus stands are coming up in traffic junctions. Now look at Banashankari bus stand - it is standing in between 6 automated signals. And the BMTC buses create havoc for the traffic. Drivers stop in the middle of the traffic to allow people to get in and alight. They don't follow any traffic rules and come out of the stand even when they don't have green signal. I think it is a very bad idea to have a bus stand just before or after the signal. And our buses occupy half the road and also drivers are insensitive to other traffic.

I think, I am writing a lot in this first comment itself. I feel very proud to have a BJP govt in Karnataka and I am very happy that you are a minister in this govt. Wish all the ministers work like you only.

Hoping that you will consider my comments and take some initiatives as suggested.


Narendra said...