March 16, 2010


This is an article appeared in today's vijaykarnataka. Pls offer your comments.



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Puneeth said...

Dear Sureshji,

With respect to the ANTI slaughter campaign,there is a misleading campaign that backward communities and the tribals also consume BEEF(even Mr.Siddaramaaih is propogating this theory!!) and also some of them have BEEF as their main diet!This is really heights of desparation to woo the MINORITY vote banks!!A christian by birth and from a BEEF eating state like KERALA,Mr.KURIEN VARGHEESE himself has explained in his biography that COW slaughter should be stopped!!!Nobody can argue that Mr.KURIEN has a hudden agenda!!
Regarding your comment on "conditional intellectuals",Minority Appeasement has become part of the culture even in corporate world,recently during my interaction with a young man who works for a Retail cahin of stores was explaining me his pain claiming that the MINORITY community in his company consider their right to go on leave during their festivals,and the company also thinks that its their obligation to grant leave to them,while asking for leave even on UGADI by him attracts criticism from his Bosses!!!APPEASEMENT has substituted for SECULARISM now.
I congratulate your government on the deft handling of the communal flare up in Shimoga and other cities!
I also wish you and the BJP "ALL THE BEST" for BBMP elelctions,hope we could see an efficient mayor of BJP for BBMP