March 08, 2010

ALL IS WELL WITH ECONOMY OF THE STATE- New India express 06-03-2010


This year's budget has many positives too amidst all the antagonistic environment. Pls see this article that I wrote for New Indian Express- 6th March.. I am eager to learn your comments!



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Puneeth said...

Dear Sureshji!

POWER SHORTAGE is one area where the governement should invest all its energy and resources in war footing and SECURITY is another area of priority.
People are fed up with the assurances on the improvemnet in the POWER situation,while there is no visisble difference.
I hope you would guide the government in not repeating the diversion of BUDGET grants to "Ashwini Nachappa Sports Academy" like scandal!!People shud not feel that we are no better than Congress and a MAHARASTRA like situation where even though the present CONG-NCP won after underperforming for last 10 years,because people are not ready to give BJP-SHIVSENA another chance for the betrayal of their trust when they were in POWER.
i might be wrong in my asssessment!