February 16, 2010


Yesterday (15-02-2010) I had been to Delhi accompanying our Hon’ble CM to meet our Party National President Mr. Nithin Gadkari. We had prepared a power point presentation of achievements that we have been able to achieve after our Government came in to being on 30-05-2008.
While interacting with the Party President, it was great feeling of deliberating with a Politician who speaks for sheer development.
When all Political Parties are busy doing everything in their endeavor for political development, the way Mr Nithin Gadkari spoke, I was reminded of the Gujarat Chief Minister Mr.Narendra Modi, who had said that there should be competition for development rather than competition for political gains.
Mr.Nithin Gadkari, engaged us for over three hours and shared with us his insight on various facts of development. He was just brilliant when it came to Power Sector, Agriculture, Roads and Infrastructure. I was wondering our state has achieved a lot although we are little laggard when it comes to projection of our performance. Never the less, after three hours when we came out – not because the meeting was over, but we had to meet Union Finance Minister at 12.30PM. I was left immersed in thoughts, the way Mr Gadkari enthralled us with his sheer brilliance of knowledge. There was a big question mark inside me, asking me how a visionary like Mr Gadkari is made and was a time to review our abilities!


Puneeth said...

Dear Sir,

Mr.Nitin Gadkari's performance as a MINISTER in the BJP SENA government in MAHARASTRA and his contribution to the INFRASTRUCTURE projects of the NDA government are never showcased nor appreciated in the media rather astonishingly the ENGLISH media is been all the while projecting Mr.Gadkiri as an RSS appointee...In the modern world while every individual is judged by "WHAT HE OR SHE HAS DONE" rather than "wht one is capable of doing"!,its very intruiging for me to derive of our MEDIA,while i have consiously desisted myself from generalising that all ENGLISH media(print and visual)are partisian towards the ruling polictial party,Mr.Nitin GADKARI's coverage in the media smacks of PARTISAN and ELITIST views of the Media.
While i also feel that Mr.Gadkiri is a man of DEEDS and so he also LIKES to keep himself low profile and it also serves BJP 'right' to get back to its roots of SERVING and FIGHTING for peoples concerns than fiercly HOGGING the limelight for wrong reasons!!!

deepak said...
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