September 10, 2012


Vivekananda College’s Eco Club had invited me for a meaningful program today.
Lokmanya Tilak – the Great Patriot of this soil was responsible for the “Sarvajanik Vinayak Mahotsav” in the early years of last century. His intention was to use the celebration to spread the message of Freedom movement.

Today also, we have an excellent opportunity to become Eco-friendly through these celebrations. These are the days when we come across many Vinayak Utsavs in every area and in every street. But unfortunately, the celebrations of festival of the most people-friendly God – Lord Ganesh, are no longer eco-friendly. Chronic poison, ‘Lead’ is rampantly used in the glossy paints that help to colour the idols of Ganesh. This metal when enters the water sources, during the immersion of idols, millions in number, starts destroying the balance of the eco-system. Incidentally, Lord Ganesh is revered as “Master of intellect and wisdom”. We should be aware that his worship too reflect that intellect and wisdom. Sadly, it is the other way round, as our celebrations are anything but sound and intelligent.

The program at Vivekananda College today was an earnest effort to spread the message about the need to worship Eco-friendly Ganesh idols.  That was attempted through a student rally. The message was that only clay made, unpainted Ganesh idoAl be used for this year’s Ganesh Chaturthi and henceforth. Worship Lord Ganesh, while respecting our environment was the message. Thousands of students distributed pamphlets to the citizens in a bid to make them understand the noble motive behind this programme.

This programme should become a movement. The brain behind this healthy thinking is Prof. Sripathi Head of the Department, Chemistry (Mob-9480109221), Vivekanada College

Isn’t it a worthy effort for us to resolve in the like manner in our own interest?



Anonymous said...

Sahithya S
Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 1:27 PM

Shivakumar N. (Plumbers / contractor) are holding the new BBMP areas to ransom.

With the BWSSB not making it clear on how much service fee should those living on the outskirts of the city pay to obtain a Cauvery water connection, residents find themselves at the mercy of plumbers and their contractors. Apart from the actual cost of 2,040 per connection, each resident is being forced to shell out anywhere between 3,000 to 5,000 as ‘labour fee’.

Using this loophole, plumbers and contractors in Konanakunte began dictating terms to residents. Be it in the issuing of applications for new connections or setting up of U-shaped meters, they have been fleecing residents on the pretext of avoiding unnecessary hassles in obtaining clearances at BWSSB offices.

The plumber/ contractor challenge to shock the residents saying “we have to pay to all higher ups including AE & Comparators, if you don’t pay we will not give the connection, if you go directly and apply also we are the people who supply & install water meters we will se to that you don’t get the water connection” these are the words of Shivakumar N., Someshwara Engineering Works : 9900095391 9663135391. The residents of the area have already paid a inducement (bribe so called installation fee) of Rs.2000 to Rs.2500 when the BWSSB water line was dug and initiated a few months back.

Now again after paying the official fee of Rs.2040 and Rs.8000 contribution fund they are demanding Rs.2500 to install the meter.

We have a recorded the telephone conversion of the so called corrupt plumber / contractor, to verify you may want to call him as a potential customer & obtain the fact (cheating by him.)

Please investigate and stop this nonsense, we are unable to deal directly as he pretends to be close aid of Gururaj .L Executive Engineer.



Srinidhi Layout


abey said...

Dear Minister, Please do not turn a blind eye on to issues related to basic needs like drinking water. Many of the newly added areas do not have safe drinking water and the BWSS officials are not showing enough initiative. AECS layout, A Blk in Singasandra is a classic example. Its a BDA layout with water lines already laid, but your engineers have turned blind and refuse water connections. we are in 2012 and we should rise up to atleast solve fundamental issues as water. Hope u will address it if u ever come to blog here..Being a humane minister is just not enough, u have to whip the lashes to move the morons