March 02, 2012


My sojourn of over three decades from the grassroots level of a corporator to a cabinet Minister in the Government system was at an all time high today in terms of satisfaction. My most ambitious project, SAKAALA has been unveiled.

It was four and a half months back, I and the Chief Minister Sri Sadananda Gowda were discussing about the immediate need to make the government machinery more accountable to the people. With every government department becoming a breeding place for corruption, more often, we see an all round disgruntlement when it comes to functioning of this system in our society. Our discussion cantered on how to bring a pro people change here.

There are few states like Punjab, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh etc which have thought constructively in this manner. They have gone on to implement an act called Right to services for ensuring time bound delivery of government services to the people. While our discussion zeroed in on emulating the right to services implemented in those states, it also set a mood how to better it. The Chief Minister assigned the task to me with a desire to come out with the best.

You will appreciate, that myself and a team of Senior Officers were so obsessed with the purpose that we must have conducted over a dozen interactions before we came up with a strong bill. Just in a couple months the bill came up for a lively debate in both the houses of legislature and it was passed with highest concurrence. Not just that, every legislator, cutting across party lines was full of praise for it.

It was a journey we undertook to Bihar later to meet the Chief Minister Mr Nitish Kumar with an intention to know how effectively the act has been implemented there. So happy he was, that his utterance that Karnataka should implement the act more effectively thanks to its better administrative culture still lingers in my mind. Apart from meeting the Deputy CM, Mr Susheel Modi, we also visited 2-3 blocks in Bihar to ascertain the practicality of implementation. It bettered our confidence and a resolve to implement more able Act, grew stronger.

And today, was the day I yearned for. SAKAALA – right time, suitable time and within the stipulated time has hit the notes finally. Today four Sri Harikotas in Karnataka have formally projectiled the weapons for the service of the common man. Aurad taluk in Bidar, Puttur taluk in DK, Dharwad and Chitradurga taluks have started functioning as pilot places for effective implementation of the act. Jayanagar in Bangalore saw the formal inauguration by the CM himself. April 2nd will see all the departments and all the places implementing SAKAALA.

While Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab have as fewer citizen services as 50 and 60, Karnataka is set to give as many as 151 services of eleven departments in stipulated time frame to the common man.(This number is bound to increase). This number of services is at least three times more compared to other states. While our intention is to minimize the point of interaction of common man with officials so that corruption recedes, it is our endeavor to punish the guilty too.

Getting government services is the right of every citizen, which this bill will surely ensure. I thank the Chief Minister whole heartedly for reposing faith in me in handing over this responsibility. My special thanks also go to all the Officers esp. Sri K Jairaj, Additional Chief Secretary, Dr Shalini Rajnish, Principal Secretary (DPAR), Pradip Singh Carola, Commissioner, Commercial Taxes and Dr Amita Prasad, Principal Secretary, Rural Development.

It’s a process designed for continuous improvement. Your suggestions will also be heard. You can call on 080-44554455, a designated call centre for any query and suggestions. You can email me too as always.



Anonymous said...

Great initiative sir. Hoping it will bring permanent and sustaible change in govt departments.
As you know that everything depends on implemetation and implementors. In this regard a few questions
1)how will you ensure the offical in the govt office follow the stipulated time after the honeymoon period. what is the punishement for failing. having draconian rules will definately ruin the initiative.
2)Where are the service level agreements published and displayed. I cannot find the website.
3)While framing the timelines were the officals taken into confidence and their work load taken into consideration. Govt staff are used to 10-5pm with 2hour breaks. Have they agreed to this initiative?
4)what steps will be taken to educate the staff and the public about each others roles and responsibilities. If normal public don't know what their rights are then there will definately be misunderstanding between them and staff which will lead to shouting and slanging.

hoping earnestly that this initiative will continue in the long term..

Dr Aravind T.V said...

namaskara sir, gr8 initiative the biggest challenge is implementation and follow up consistantly. Need to make sure the officers who work with this must get proper educate of this act and need to make them accountable.Same time need to educate youths by conduting workshops in colleges and schools. most of the acts and laws ao unnotice bec of lack of awareness.I request you to create awareness to the public regarding the same by the help of social organisations.sir, gr8 job.. we are with you always for any good work for this country. Dhanyawadagalu..

Dr Aravind T.V

ramakrishna said...

sir , Sakaala implementation is very good , but 1) Who will monitor 2) It should become another RTI activist fate 3) Those people complaining will be noted 4) Usually those who are talking much will be targetted 5) Common man does not complain .Moreover common man does not know the method of complaint ?

b said...

Sakaala programme is good but ur govt is did not give fecelities ex old office old equipement and no extra staff and no publicity

Umesh Gowda said...

Janasamyanara aashakiranagalige spandane needida namma Gowdara sarkaara....

ananth said...

You are correct Govt offices do not work without corruption. Our work of khatha transfer iro no 4356/8. 3rd cross. Subramanyanagar was reported to your self many times, Even after 6 years at ARO Malleshwaram nothing moved despite bribimg the people there. Now it is pending since 10 months at BDA for want of reconveyance deed and a PC. CM is only forwarding our communications to BDA with no result. How may days will it take. Can you please intimate.