February 22, 2012

A story to be emulated

It was a video conference of all the Deputy Commissioners that I took part with Hon’ble Chief Minister in CM’s official residence Krishna, today. Implementation of Our Government’s ambitious project, Right to services and a review of drinking water scenario in the state were discussed in the meeting. Many senior IAS Officers were with us.

The ambience for setting up of a video conference meeting needs a lot of planning and preparation. Any little problem would make the whole event a failure. With the Chief Minister himself around, one can understand the anxiety of the technicians who are working behind its success. The moment any district is named by Chief Minister that particular DC with his team will appear on the screen.

In Chief Minister’s office, here is a person called Mr Srinivas, an Engineer who looks after the functioning of every video conference event. The conference scheduled today at 2.30 was a smooth sailer, thanks to this youngster. He was all around before the meeting kicked off, silently checking for proper working of every connection.

You might wonder, how the story of this youngster matter to this. Yes, it has connection. It was his day of wedding and he was here bothering about the meeting’s success. So involved was he, that it was his cheeky request that prompted me to write all this. He humbly came up to me at around 5 pm with a request to relieve him for the day as he had his marriage reception in the evening. Dumbfound by his duty consciousness, I couldn’t resist my appreciation for him before everyone. I introduced this youngster to all the senior officers only to let them know the “duty consciousness” of this young engineer. It was a big applause from every one around.

While I wish this youngster a happy married life, I also hoped his duty consciousness is emulated by every one who works in the Government system. 


Anonymous said...

A big Kudos to Srinivas...!!

Soumya said...

Thanks for sharing this one... May his tribe increase!
And, wishing Srinivas all the best as he begins a new chapter in his life :)

Bidareprakash said...

Ee reethiya Srinivas gala sankhye hechchaagali. avarige shubhavaagali.

Anonymous said...

well done Sreenivas, Suresh sir is a great man who encouraging youn ,,lucky to have such a gentle man.manjunath sharma

Shreemanth Metri said...

Dear Suresh Sir,
This kind of people are around us.
Otherwise system will not work.
It is right thing that everybody appreciated with great applause after you correctly introduced.
Thanks to you for recognising one's sindderity but this needs to be extended to all the people who are working hard in all the waalks of life.

haripadma said...

yes, it is a case for ap0preciation. many around us are working like this but it will not catch eye. negative acts and people get publicity. it is also nice of you in appreciating such person.

Sri K said...

Thanks to each and everyone name by name. my special thanks to Respected Suresh sir,

Myself and people like me will take your achievements, simplicity, hardwork and humbleness towards helping people as a motivations, proactive-ness & enthusiasm for our future.

Now I had a boy baby, hence I request you to bless him and my family.

Thanking you forever and ever

Yours True sincerely
Srinivasa K