November 05, 2011


Every Bangalorean knows about Sri HS Doreswamy the nonagenarian freedom fighter. This most adorable person is one of the conscience keepers of our society. Even at this age of early Nineties, his daily schedule will put many a youngster into shame. Gandhian in true spirit, his righteous anguish filled actions give hope for many.
I had the opportunity of meeting him a couple of days back at my residence. He had brought an unusual issue to me about which he was emotionally very much disturbed. He desired to set right a wrong committed for which her required my intervention.
His elder brother HS Seetharam was also a veteran freedom fighter. In fact, he was one of the first Mayors of Bangalore City, in early nineteen fifties. His son Sri Srinivas had the passion for Bonsai plants and had cultivated nearly a thousand beautiful Bonsai trees. When he thought that these trees for which he had given his life, can be more suitably and safely sheltered in Lal Bagh, he donated these valuable trees worth few lakhs to Horticulture Department. His simple desire was that this Bonsai Park at Lal Bagh be named after his parents. In 2002 in a function held in the presence of the then Minister for Horticulture Sri M Shivanna, a foundation Stone was laid naming the park as HS Seetharam - Padmavathamma memorial Bonsai Park. Srinivas who was popular as Bonsai Srinivas was nominated as the Advisor for this Bonsai Park too. After all this, Srinivas had left for US to stay along with his only son. After his return some time back, he has visited Lalbagh. Only to his chagrin he has found that the Foundation Stone depicting the name of the Bonsai Park after his Parents name had been unceremoniously removed and it was nowhere to be found.
Sri Doreswamy who visited me, expressed his strong displeasure about  the utter disregard shown for this act of philanthropy. Yesterday, I personally paid a visit to Lalbagh and inspected. Sri HS Doreswamy, Bonsai Srinivas, Director of Horticulture and officers were with me. All of us felt the need to take the necessary corrective step immediately. This visit was followed by a meeting in which Minister for Horticulture was also present. We resolved that the foundation stone shall be restored and the park shall be named after Srinivas' parents immediately.
My view is that we can’t become so much insensitive and impassive when it comes to respecting such really great philanthropic acts.
For having contributed those invaluable Bonsai Plants whose value one cannot measure in terms of money, this was the simplest demand one could make. At the end of everything, Bonsai Srinivas remarked 'at last I have reason to smile'.  This outwardly very small incident which brought smiles back on that Donor's face made all of us delighted.
My special thanks to the nonagenarian Sri HS Doreswamy who brought this injustice to my notice and thus gave an opportunity to correct it.


Pradeep Pai H said...

Sureshkumarji Namaskars and Kudos for the great work. I have an appeal too. Why don't you meet Kageri and see that the decision to close/marked for closure of Kannada medium schools in rural and urban areas be stopped?

I have had a very long joint discussion with Sri Kageriji and Education secretary Sri Kumar Nayak. Both are in no mood to rectify themselves. Is it the way BJP government should help the students/parents who want to have education in Kannada medium? I don't feel RSS also agrees with the decision of your government. I have talked to Vidyabharati people. They too disagree with the state government's decision.



CM Reddy said...

Sir, very heatening to hear this.
Also, can you please resolve water conflict between chikkaballapur and doddaballapur before it becomes a crisis.