March 25, 2011


Bangalore is reeling under serious drinking water situation. Even otherwise, the city was not getting its requisite quantity of water. That is why, few years back alternate day supply came into practice. Now, this summer which naturally witnesses a 15 to 20 % increase in the demand has made the situation still more difficult. Added to this, the proverbial leakage, unaccounted water loss, failure of bore wells, greed of private tankers who are not ready to join hands with the BWSSB to supply water, are making the situation even worse. The Board Engineers and the staff with all their inadequacies are addressing the problems. 

Every day we hear, read about the supply breakdowns from different parts of the city. The frequent power fluctuations add up to the already critical problem. Yesterday I and Shobha Karandlaje had convened a meeting of KPTCL, BESCOM & BWSSB to take necessary steps to sort out some issues.

Last year over 1000 Borewells were dug all over the city. Now over 50% of them have dried up. On demands from the People's Representatives, more bore wells are being dug, which we know is neither proper nor feasible.

Yesterday night I went to Gayathri Hospital, Vijayanagar and met a person called Shankara Rao who was undergoing treatment for the bruises on his body. He was under a big shock. His sobbing wife was inconsolable. The reason...?  Shankara Rao, who is a water supply inspector was attacked and profusely beaten by a mob in what appears to be a planned act.  Strangely a camera team from a popular TV channel was present before the mob arrived in a matador. The hapless inspector begged for his life, pleaded for his inculpability. A local leader was encouraging the participants in this orgy to hit more.  Job done, the mob along with the instigator dispersed. Their 'adventure' got very good coverage which might have upped the TPR rate for that channel. BUT, what about that hapless employee and his weeping family members. How if, the BWSSB employees, who are also there to serve the common man , go down their morale, and become inactive ? Will that not lead to deterioration in the water supply condition?

This 'irresponsibility' may become too costly. We had heard of Cash for News in a section of the media. Now this 'planned attack' or 'action' for exclusive "breaking news" is really dangerous.

I, along with the Board Chairman rushed to the hospital consoled the victim and his family members. Board is taking care of the treatment and will bear all the necessary expenditure. We also spoke to the workers' union office-bearers and expressed solidarity. BUT, I also appealed to the workforce to stand up to the challenge and rededicate ourselves to see that the problems are surmounted. Our single minded effort should be to do our best to take water to the doorsteps of the citizens which is their fundamental right.

YES. It is my belief that we have a duty which we should perform whatever may be situation. AND we will do it.


Karthik said...

namaskara sir,

At the outset I sympathise with this official who had to bear the burnt of some publicity crazy people. I just wonder if the law does not have a provision to prosecute the TV channel for failing to bring it to the notice of the police and being a mute spectator to the attack on the official.

yogi said...

Namaskara sir,
I did know that you will react on this issue. as you said its all becos of Breaking news for the channels. they act like they are just camera's and not human beings.
definatly Shankar Rao's family is thankful for your visit to the hospital.
I really appreaciate your your response and quick action.

Precision Engineers said...

Sir,You thanks for your concern towards the Officer,you immediate and quick reaction to the issue is really good to note.Can we not curb this menace of TV channels shooting and Broadcasting such news and giving unlawful idea to section of society and embarass us.

CM Reddy said...

i feel sorry for Shankara Rao, hope he will get proper care from the support to recuperate and support from his office for his healthcare.
Yes, you are right, Media is only interested in TRPs than the social cause.
Regarding the water, along with RWH, people have to be encouraged to reduce their consumption. My heart bleeds when i see people use big pipe connected to the water tap, to wash their cars and clear the area under the cars.

mudgal venkatesh said...

Attack was unwarranted...the concerned authority should ensure adequate security woking for water supply....

Anonymous said...

Nice place to register comment, it is happy to note that yoou are seeing our comments on what you have written, no comments this time

cdimul said...

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