August 18, 2010

Karyakartha for a political Party- New Article in Vijaykarnataka- 18-8-2010


'Karyakartha' of Political Parties who is supposed to be their backbone is fast losing his importance in the present murky 'political Setup'. "Followers" are eclipsing "Karyakarthas" while the latter's importance really matters at any given point of time. Hence the gap between the politicians and the common man is widening like never before. Before it spells doom for the Political Parties, its high time, they woke up to the reality and nurture this prized possession. Pls read my write up appeared in today's Vijay Karnataka. I would be keen to know your comments.



ದಿನಕರ ಮೊಗೇರ.. said...

tumbaa chennaagide sir ... nimma barahada hindina neeti ellaa party ge anvayisatte....

idanna ella party ( including BJP) artha maaDikonDare deshakke , raajyakke subhikshe...
... oLLEya dina barabahudu....

Puneeth said...

Respected Sureshji,

Thanx a million times for this article! Please address this to Mr.Nithin Gadkari and also Mr.Eshwarappa.
There is also a new trend of "LEADERS CREATED BY THE MEDIA"and every budding Neta wants to be in the media and hog the limelight and budding politician assumes that appearing on the TV screen makes him a 'leader'